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Fishing and Hunting Reports
There are currently 14 reports for today, 203,857 reports since your last visit and 227,654 total reports in our searchable archives.

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In response to Bayou RatDam Ba by footsmonster...
In response to 60 YEARS A TROU by Bayou Rat...
In response to Capt. Jody Done by footsmonster...
In response to RichHeadHa you by footsmonster...
I think it is so many people f by footsmonster...

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Mike Lane and Wanda Stewart Showcase RodnReel Adventures
Mike Lane and Wanda Stewart Showcase RodnReel Adventures Cypress – a thing of beauty

To most people, a piece of wood is nothing more than that – just a piece of wood. But Wes McAdams, a craftsman, retailer and aficionado of cypress wood and products, has a much broader view. This rare woods purist feels the textures, analyzes intricate patterns in each cut, the grains and densities of a tree widely regarded as Louisiana icon covered in Spanish moss. and
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Rodnreel Posters and Books
Rodnreel Posters and Books

Fish Identification Database
Includes incredible artwork and detailed descriptions. If it swims in the Gulf it's in here.
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GPS Waypoint Search Search our database of thousands of rigs and locations in the Gulf of Mexico or plan your next trip using our trip planner.

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Sportsmen's Forum
Sportsmen's Forum Join the largest online Sportsmen's community.

There are currently 15,604 Members who have made 46,694 Posts in 5,118 Topics. Please welcome our newest member Pete.

Latest Topics Posted :

Weather patterns and bank fishing by jachung

Fuses by GLYNN

2006 Yamaha injectors by fishndago

Hyd Steering Fluid by remington_870_99

Fish Call by Gary Fishaholic

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Featured Classifieds

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Sportsman's Showcase
Outdoor Focus

Custom Rodz Owner Paul Sfeerazza has been building custom rods for many years. He is also an avid Florida fisherman so he know how his rods perform in real (reel) life. Paul builds the rods to suite each customer’s wants, desires and needs. Paul’s rods look stunning and fish exceptionally.

  • He has what he calls fish raps.
  • Redfish Wrap
  • Trout Wrap
  • Red Snapper Rap
  • ...and others

He can also use specific color designs like plenty of pink for the ladies or to match color schemes to match your boat or logo. You can specify rod length, rod action, reel seats, types of guides…. He can put your name, boat name or logo on your rods. Paul buys his quality rod building parts in high quantities so his prices are very reasonable.

Mike Lane and Wanda Stewart of RodnReel.com fish exclusively with Paul’s rods.

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Fishing & Hunting Pictures

There are currently 0 photos for today, 96,703 photos since your last visit and 96,703 total photos in our searchable archives.
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mangrove snapper day
Kingfish II
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Tides for Louisiana and 35 Other States
Louisiana and 35 Other State Tide Tables

RodnReel Tide Tables are the best in the country!

Whether you pay for them or get them free, no other tide prediction will give you more information. Our predictions are derived from formula provided from NOAA. There is no other accurate source in the country.

We now offer 36 states including of course, Louisiana.

You can see tide predictions through 2020

Click here to go to Tide Tables.

Louisiana Weather
WWL-TV Pinpoint Radar Don't take a hap hazard guess on the weather any more.
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Astro Tables
This month's Astro Table Be sure the "Stars" are on your side before you go.
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