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REDS STILL BITING AFTER THE FRONT… Today I had the pleasure of guiding a good friend of mine Mr David Matherne who I grew up with through grade school and high school. It had been a while since we fished together, really long before I started guiding. Naturally, I was hoping for a good catch today. David brought his cousin Matt and his buddies Steve and Timmy to Lafitte with redfish on their minds. I was concerned that the change in water temps and conditions in general would make for a tough day but we were able to locate the reds in deeper water adjacent to the ponds. The fish were eating the fresh shrimp under corks and David and I were relieved when we began to put fish in the box. We ended the day with a full cooler and a good time was had by all onboard for sure. Thanks again to David and all the guys for a great day on the water spent with good friends! WE HAVE OPENINGS THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS AND ALSO FOR THE SPRING PEAK SEASON. DON’T HESITATE TO GET YOUR TRIP ON THE BOOKS! Come see us down here in Lafitte, Louisiana!! We are located an easy 35 minute drive from New Orleans. We have 5 guides ready to fish and lodging available. Our prices are very reasonable and won’t break the bank. Give us a call at 504-689-2006 or send an email to captainphil02@cox.net to book your trip today. Don’t forget to check out www.fishwithphil.com for more great info and thanks for reading our reports! God bless and good fishing Capt Mike Helmer

MIke Lane

Lake Pontchartrain is dead! Not really! The rumor that the opening of the Spillway has destroyed all the fishing in Lake Pontchartrain is absolutely not true! Last week I fished with Captain Mat McCabe owner of Pro Edge Fishing Charters. He fishes Lake Pontchartrain. He fishes almost every day when the weather cooperates and he catches Trout and reds every time! This guide is an expert in lake Pontchartrain. He is a great guy and does not mind sharing where he is fishing and catching which helps the every day fisherman. He wants everyone to know the lake around the trestles is alive and well. He is an open book! We started at the south side of the lake. The weather was awesome! We caught our trout on plastics and the bite was a little slow. Not just for us but also for everyone we talked to. We were fishing with with Matrix Shad baits and throwing close to the train bridge, letting it go to the bottom and retrieving very slowly. Bam or tick, one-way or the other. We also bounced the baits off of the bottom very subtly with the fish were hitting it on the fall.. Captain McCabe took great care of us and he is very entertaining in between fish. I highly recommend him as a guide and you are also fishing close to New Orleans. You are so close to New Orleans, you can see the New Orleans CBD Skyscape while you are fishing. You can’t beat it! When the trip is over, he has some very comfortable chairs for you to sit and enjoy a refreshing soft drink or adult beverage while he expertly cleans and bags your fish, ready to cook. It doesn’t get any better than this! Pro Edge Fishing Charters Captain Matt McCabe (985) 640-0207


THANK GOD THE WEATHER HELD OFF… Yesterday, myself, Capt Beau Weber, and Capt Lane Zimmer had the pleasure of guiding 3 boats for good friend and customer Brian Godwin and a buch of his good customers from Arkansas. Prayers were answered for us concerning the weather as a huge masss of rain was approaching the coast around 9:30 in the morning but thankfully it held off long enough to get the day in. The front that was hanging around had the redfish and some bonus fish eating up and all 3 boats did well. H&H Baby Bull Minnows in black and chartreuse tightlined and good old shrimp under popping corks was the ticket for the hungry fish. Quality spinning reels, Power Pro braid, and TFO Inshore rods did the job on the hard fighting fish. Thanks again to Brian and all on the trip for a fun day on the water spent with good folks. We look forward to next year!! Come see us down here in Lafitte, Louisiana!! We are located an easy 35 minute drive from New Orleans. We have 5 guides ready to fish and lodging available. Our prices are very reasonable and won’t break the bank. Give us a call at 504-689-2006 or send an email to captainphil02@cox.net to book your trip today. Don’t forget to check out www.fishwithphil.com for more great info and thanks for reading our reports! God bless and good fishing Capt Mike Helmer

Maui Mark

Haven’t been to Delacroix in 2 months! I was catchin’ “hammers”(over 20”) in ICW before the spillway shut me down! Took my extra time to change my gauges, add radio, change winch and bow roller. We’re also getting an inground pool built so “honey-do’s” have consumed my time! Anyways, my intent was to give a report. I finally saw, caught and touched a trout! I actually caught about 40 trout! I did have several ” stompers”(11&15/16″) that I made “throwbacks”. I caught my limit with the smallest being 12.5 “. No ” hammers” . The biggest was 15″ , maybe. I found some school trout feeding on small minnows. I saw the splashes on the water, bait scattering and the small trout actually coming out of the water! Haven’t cleaned them yet so I’m not sure what the bait was. I found clean water on a point in Pt. Fienne as the ambush zone. I caught my fish with the following: Paul Brown Softdines suspending in pink and morning mullet, KVD 1.5 Sexy Shad and 3″ Gulp Swimbait( not sure of the exact color name ) but they wouldn’t touch the same bait in chartreuse! I had a blast and it was a much needed trip by myself. One more thing, Santa brought me a new trolling motor. I actually think that it made my success! I’ve been able to catch fish in different conditions since I got it in early December. Haven’t used an anchor and no more hard work. It’s a Minn Kota I-Pilot 70lb. I was skeptical but it has been phenomenal! Just wanted to share. I’m going to start going to Delacroix every week like before but now with my trolling motor, it’s on! Good luck gentlemen (and ladies) Delacroix is truly the best overall fishing spot around! Make sure that you go to Sweetwater to launch. You’ll be presently surprised and you’ll return. Gotta geaux to Home Depot now, so tight lines and be safe! Aloha

Mike Lane

I live a blessed life; I get to go fishing for a living. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Last week I had the pleasure to fish “out west” with Captain Tyler McCann of Calcasieu Guide Service. Our targeted species was flounder. Captain Tyler had been busting them up for the last few weeks. The weather was beautiful, the tide was rolling, good news right? Not really, the flounder like less of a tide so the challenge was on. We fished gulps with a 3/8 oz gig heads. We would throw up current and just slightly twitch the rod and let the bait move with the water flow. The bite was subtle, very few aggressive bites. I was fishing with my new rod from Paul Sferrazza or Custom Rodz with Qualia Reels, a great test. We worked hard for the flat wonders. The fish God’s were not on our side. I love flounders and our limits in Louisiana are very liberal. Each fisherman can catch and keep 10 founders each. Captain Tyler had been fulfilling his customer’s limits for the previous few weeks, We worked hard all day and ended up with a one man limit, 10 flounders. I hate it when the fish do not cooperate and the guide really wants to produce. I am ok with not catching fish after fish, but any good guide hates it. These professionals enjoy putting you “on the fish”. Captain Tyler never gave up moving the boat from one spot to another. He never lost his entertaining spirit. We swapped stories and jokes in between fish. I really enjoyed his company and the fish we caught. In spite of struggling with the fish I had a great time. Captain Tyler is a true professional and knows his craft well. I hope he invites me to fish with him again. Next time we will “Smoke ‘em!” Stopped on the way back and got some Boudin Balls and smoked links. I love Louisiana! You should book a trip with Captain Tyler, you will totally enjoy yourself! My new rod and reel performed great! Captain Tyler McCann Captain Todd McCann’s Calcasieu Guide Service LLC (337) 526-0954

Matt Baker

First Blue Marlin released by the Sea Spray for 2016.  Thanks again for a great day to Bill, Drew, Leon, and Lat.  Ended the day one Wahoo short of a SLAM with copious amounts of yellowfin.  Safe travels back to Orange Beach!

Sweetwater Marina

It wasn’t a very busy Saturday at Sweetwater Marina on Delacroix Island, but the few folks who braved the weather did pretty good, especially the kayakers.  They caught Reds, Bass, Specs and Black Drum.  For tomorrow the weather isn’t looking too good for fishing.  The sun will finally be shining, but it’s going to be pretty windy.  If you’re feeling brave, then come on down.  We have plenty of fresh, lively shrimp for tomorrow and we would love to see you.  So come on down to the second launch on Delacroix Island, Sweetwater Marina, and let Capt. Jack, Mr. Ronnie, Tony and Jessie get you started.  They will put your boat in the water, put you on the fish, and when you return with an ice chest full of fish they’ll clean ’em and bag ’em for you.  And while you are here ask to check out our lodging.  It’s the best deal in Delacrolix – sleeps 6, free launch, kitchenette, cable, wifi. BBQ pit – all for just $159 a night.  Just wake up and fish.  Whatever you need to make your fishing trip a success, we probably have it in our baitshop, including maps and helpful tips from Mr. Ronnie and Tony and pick up a Sweetwater sweatshirt too keep you warm.  Anything we can do to help make your trip fun, successful and safe – just ask.  We would love to see you at Sweetwater Marina, the marina that loves their customers.  And remember we are the second launch. If you are interested in a charter or lodging please call 504-342-2368.  A smalll deposit will hold your reservation.  Hope to see you soon.

Capt. Mike Gallo AAofLA.com

Capt. Mike Gallo AAofLA.com I will be at the Sportsman Boat Show in Gonzales today. Come by to talk fishing. I’ll be in a few areas today, Sea Tow booth, Blue Wave booth or in the Berkley/Abu Garcia/Penn booth. It’s always a great show, hope to see you there.. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = “//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’)); Posted by Wanda Stewart on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Barnacle Bill

My 2 cents. Think I read somewhere that when the fish become larger than a certain size they no longer produce younguns and should be harvested. Don’t remember if it is trout or another species. Any comments from the “Experts”?….BB

Capt. Nick Lapre/ Southern Exposure Outdoors

Well even with some rough weather we were still able to get out and get some big smiles on the faces of our clients. With the trout migration getting ready to start get you trip booked today our staff will make you feel at home. Let us put the smile on your face with a trip of a lifetime, let us help you “Explore the Delta” give us a call today 504-250-9887.  Nice BoxBeautiful Redfish