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Teaching the Old Dog, Oneofthepack, Old Tricks

OK so Oneofthepack is spewing Bulls— all over. What actually happened was last Wednesday I made a trip with him and we slammed them. This Tuesday I made the trip with him and we slammed them. All trips HE made, in between those two, were skunkers so what I am saying is I had to get back on the water to teach that old dog some old dog tricks so he can start catching again. So I think I have him straight again but we will see Thursday. As far as yesterday I was begging for some help on catching but, you know, got to cut him some slack, he old. LOL. We will be back at it again tomorrow with a third mate and HOPEFULLY I get some help catching and cleaning because when we got back I cleaned while HE SLEPT in the truck. Great trip though.


Today was a trip that brought back a lot of fine memories of years past fishing with my very close friend Oneofthepack. It started slow but I knew we would find the Silverwonders. Just like old times we tag teamed them and doubled up on them and put a limit in the boat, which will make my daughter and my family in Georgia very happy. It is so funny how fishing today was exactly the same as it was 20 to 30 yrs ago with us. We know how each of us fish, if you use green I use purple to find out what color they want. You fish up I fish down and after we have the intel we need it’s on on on. Had a lot of good conversation about the past fishing with our kids together and with some good friends. Also talked about the battle of the sons against the dads and how we had to throw some of our sons fish in our box, while they weren’t looking, after they learned and started out fishing us at times. Also the time My youngest son Matt, at 5 yrs old, almost got yanked out of the boat by a 5 lb flounder. Great Great memories. Now they are in their upper thirties and Katrina spread my sons to Pearl River and Sugarhill Georgia so I don’t get to fish with the Grandkids but maybe soon. Great Trip today, Beautiful Day and got to fish with one of my Best Friends. Thanks Oneofthepack!!!!