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Good times in Eloi

Team Cajunstyle took a trip two Sundays ago down to the good ol B-Marsh (Biloxi Marsh) and Bay Eloi. Today the team consisted of “drops a lot” Kevin, the “hook monger” Beau, and myself. We launched out of Seabrook Marina (late as usual :0715) and shot down MRGO headed for Campos in Shell Beach. 45 short minutes later, we arrived at Campos for a mess of shrimp and some much needed fuel. Our plan was to make a break down to Bay Eloi and attempt to persuade some fish into eating some shrimp. However, this plan was cut short when we saw a large mass of birds diving into water about 10 feet in between an oyster bed and marsh. After a quick assessment of the area, we decided that the best thing to do was to drift into where the birds were eating the shrimp. This plan payed out in spades. It was not long before every one of the three stooges had a fish on the line. At first the fish only liked live, then “hook monger” Beau decided he would try a yellow matrix shad: they loved it. The fish would bite on anything that we threw at them. Soon “drops a lot” Kevin was killin’ them on DOA shrimp and Voodoo shrimp. About two hours into the escapade of trout frenzy, the hook monger got a little crazy and decided that he would chew some Extra Peppermint gum and proceed to put it on a hook… Wouldn’t you know it, his plan worked and caught two trout. By the end of the day we finished with 54 nice sized trout. We would have caught our limit, but we were chased by ever-growing summer storms. The tackle of the day was a Carolina Rig with a foot and  a half, to two foot leader. The hook monger also tried rigs such as double hook, topwater, and gold spoons. All of which caught fish but not as many as a simple Carolina Rig. All in all it was a successful trip! Team Cajunstyle arrived back at the dock with 54 great fish, 25 gallons of fuel lighter, one Iphone lighter (drops a lot Kevin’s phone took a dive), and smiles all around. As they say: any day you return back to the dock is a good day! All the best fishing, -Team Cajunstyle, Kevin, Steven, Beau