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Chip- Late Delacroix Report from last Friday

Late fishing report from last Friday. Launched at Sweetwater with my friend from work and his two brothers, one of which was visiting from Maryland for Labor Day weekend.  We had a great time catching some nice trout and reds most of the morning bouncing around the Lake Machias area.  The water was crystal clear and the tide was about 2ft or more above normal and bait was everywhere!!  The trout seemed to be right up against the marsh swimming with the reds.  There was an occasional catfish too which leads me to the dark side of the report. Somehow one of the catfish impaled its dorsal spike about an inch deep in my friend’s ankle. It was quickly removed but the damage was done.  We all knew that a great trip had ended when he briefly lost consciousness.  Trying not to freak out, we immediately hauled it 20 miles back in as fast as my 200 Opti could take us.  When we got to Sweetwater I told Ronnie what happened and the crew went into action.   Jessie brought me to my truck in the golf cart and Ronnie and some other fishermen helped pull him from the boat into the shade.  Fishermen that were in line to retrieve their boats, gladly let me cut in front of them so we could get to an Urgent Care ASAP. We ended the day before noon with 8 beautiful Reds between 20 and 26 inches releasing one bull that was 28lbs., two sheepsheads, 30 trout and 1 swollen puncture wound (same guy kicking himself for me not being able to report that we caught 20 reds….) I wanted to thank Captain Jack, and the Sweetwater Marina Crew!! The culture of true Sportsmanship is alive at this place, as with its customers.  I always appreciated that as a weekend family fisherman.  If you need help, they help.  It’s as simple as that. Also for those (like myself) who didn’t know, HOT WATER NEUTRALIZES CATFISH VENOM. The first thing the Dr. did was put his foot in a bucket of hot water which made the pain subside in less than a minute.  We were using ice and COLD water which apparently only MAKES the PAIN WORST.  At least our intentions were good…