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Hard Aground in Delacroix

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Have had Sea Tow for many years and this past Thursday, it proved to be money well spent!! While trying to help another boater at Delacroix, my boat was blown into a mud flat and we were soon aground.  We tried to get free for quite some time with no movement.  Called Sea Tow and Captain “Hot Rod” and mate Lucas were on the way.  The guys did a great job and eventually we were on our way home to Baton Rouge.  All this work was done in total darkness and these guys really handled the situation without a hitch!! The wife and I stopped at McDonald’s for a snack, only to find the Sea Tow guys fixing a burned bearing on their trailer. Bottom Line:  GET SEA TOW PACKAGE for your boat and trailer.  Thanks again to the professionals at Sea Tow!! CJ Hughes