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The Governor is responsible for this..

The cooperation with the other Gulf states and strong legislative support built up by former Secretary Barham have been severely damaged during Melancon’s short tenure with the Department.  Louisiana’s anglers and charter captains have been dismissed in favor of special interests from outside of our state who have convinced Melancon to push for schemes that will privatize access to our public resources. The Gulf Council and federal fisheries management have failed Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf. Secretary Melancon needs to support Louisiana anglers and Louisiana charter captains. He needs to repair the damaged relationships with the other Gulf States by supporting the Gulf States Red Snapper Management Authority so we can finally fix this failed federal management system.    He needs to get on board with Louisiana’s Wildlife and Fisheries commissioners, Louisiana legislators, Louisiana’s congressional delegation, and most of all, LOUISIANA ANGLERS. It is time for Secretary Melancon to stand with Louisiana, the State he was appointed to represent. Next

A few good men

Red Snapper fishing is being taken away from La Anglers… no big deal.. you never fish for them.. For evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men to do nothing… When will this thinking get to your species.. Specks, Reds, etc… This isn’t about conserving a species, but about maintaining the price.. don’t believe it.. Remember when Redfish were being over fished in order to supply restaurants filets for blacked redfish.  In order to stop the overfishing, Feds declared them a game fish making it illegal to harvest for commercial purposes……  Any discussion about this for Red Snapper.. not on your life..   Read the CCA articles  http://www.ccalouisiana.com/cca11/ about Good ole Charlie… We have a new governor who appointed a career politician with a tax and spend mentality to run your self supported department.  The department has always been above politics and had your best interests at heart.  No longer.  Someone better get to Bel Edwards and tell him to get rid of Charlie or the Sportsman in La will get rid of him in the next election if not sooner.  This is typical sell out the state for the feds in order to move up the ladder in the system.   Why don’t we step up and sue the gulf council to get this ridiculous selling of our resources before the supreme court and have it declared unconstitutional….. We should all ask, when will the attack begin on our inland species?  Only good ole Charlie knows.. if any of his commissioners oppose him, they will be removed… We just voted in a new president with a drain the swamp mentality, how about we start here.. The above opinion has not been submitted to Mike Lane before posting, so please don’t attack him.. Keep fishing and posting, but look over your shoulder when things get too good… Politicians are in charge of your department..