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ASA Rodeo – 24ht Annual

Sunday, June 10, 2018   24th Annual Rodeo 7600 Hopedale Hwy Home  

Redfish Jubilee – Hopedale area

Just watched a video posted by Marsh Man Masson from yesterday. He has a good video of the Redfish being caught off the road using dead shrimp. Check out the video if you are interested learning about the redfish jubilee.    

What a difference a week makes

Fog on the road, not an easy drive to Hopedale Marina.   Arrived safely and launched the fishing machine. Slow and easy down the canal as the fog hung around for everyone When we arrived at out spot, 3 other boats in the area Word travels fast these days We did not bring live shrimp this trip (maybe a bad move) Water Temp 67, last Friday, 56 Winds strong out the South (last week out of the North) Tried the Vudu Shrimp Tried Creole Shrimp We ended the day with 4 Keeper trout. We made a few moves today, but not the same result as last Friday.   Maybe the Trout were out Christmas shopping.    

Word on the Street – GPS spots to consider

Out of Bayou Gentilly, you have access to great world of Disney Redfish, if own your menu, fish close to shorelines Intersections such as the ones with GPS info may be considered Fish at your own risk Must be 16″ to make the ice chest – Reds anyone? Live shrimp, when available, May not be good for reds, but good for fishermen Falling tide, Falling Tide, Falling tide Low tides during winter with North Wides, have to be careful Always have a Push Pole or Sea Tow Membership   If you have any luck at these areas, please post so other fishermen have success and get to enjoy fishing, catching and eating.   Over and out Keep on posting

Trout on Fire – We were not

Fishing buddy says you up to a trip for Friday. Yes, says I but rain forecast for 10:00am, but only 10% chance Wakeup call at 4:00am, loaded up Ford Transponder Rain drops all over the transportion, not a good sign Kept on our trek Headed to Breton Sound Marina First encounter with new owner – Pat Pat said trout bite good right before the front Drizzle most of the way to BSM Thought front theory may have been nonsense   However, we launched the boat, got 25 lively shrimp (not so lively) Headed to our Honey Hole, and Holy Cow. My buddy makes the first cast, Keeper trout coming in the boat. Light drizzle off and on, you could tell the front was on the way as the winds got stronger as the morning went on. Stayed at Honey Hole, and ended the day at 10:30am with our 2 man limit. Most fish were 12-13 inches. A few went 14 – 14 1/2 Plenty of throw back trout as well. What a feeling when you catch a limit.  Even better when it was at one stop. Headed back to the roost as bones starting to feel the cold. Short run this morning, but felt like someone shooting pellets at me, with rain beating against my face during the run to the spot. We caught a few of the trout on live bait, but the majority were caught on a Vudu Shrimp, white with chartreuse tail.  (2inch – small one) My buddy fished with a Matrix Shad Lemonhead, but switched over to a Vudu, after I was hollering “Fish On” more than him.  

Purple Beetles hard to find these days

I went to Gus, better than Jared’s, in my opinion. Red seems to be the new Purple.  Purple just ain’t there no more. Live Louisiana Shrimp are hard to beat.  Especially when there is no heat.

Google Images of Delacroix Winter Fishing

Google images has plenty of maps of Delacroix fishing spots. Some of the maps even provide markings for the areas to try Delacroix is always changing do to weather conditions so use the maps for informational reading only. When you see other boats fishing, take note and try that spot next time Spots #64A is always a must try spot. Sparkle beetle – 3 inch Purple hard to find, they turned Red for some reason You may have to use live shrimp for the best action. Until next time, keep posting.

Going Deep into Delacroix

I came across a 2009 article by Todd Masson. He talked about deep holes that used to be productive in the Winter. He said they can also be productive in April, May and other months.   check out the spots he indicated. Purple People eaters may be the ticket for these areas Fast Pass may not work in these areas, but the wait is worth it.

Delacroix “Disney World” area to consider

N 29 41.511 W 89 47.379   Numbers – what do they really mean?  Do GPS way points really help when locating Silver Wonders?

Buras – 12 2 2017 – Tough Fishing today

We launched out of Joshua’s Marina this morning around 8:30am. There was a light fog on the drive to the Marina. When we arrived at the Marina, plenty of boats had already been launched. We stayed close to Marina, looking for trout around the oyster reefs all along the Buras Canal. We could not find any takers, except for 1 Barely legal and 3 throw back trout. Water was Clear, but low with brisk North Winds North wind keep the water low in all areas We tried to catch some reds and reds help salvage the day. We caught 6 Keeper reds and 4 throw back reds Not many boats in the areas we fished. They must know where the trout are located. I can tell you where the trout were not located today.   Fog started to roll back in. We were in a protected canal, but when we left the canal, the Buras Boat launch was hard to locate. Be careful on the water when the fog rolls in   The reds were caught with live cacahoe minnows under a popping cork. May have to head to Delacroix and fight the crowds. Sounds like the trout are in Delacroix, as we did not see any shrimp popping or birds diving.   Oak River Troll sounds like the Ticket. Skippy Bay should be on fire now. Keep your rod tip down. Hope you feel the tug.   Let the fun begin.