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Guess NO Red Snapper this year. ( NOAA WAVE/WIND FORECAST)

Guess the wind and weather will prevent me from trying to fish this season. Only have a 24′ boat and don’t think my body can take this kind of pounding for 2 Snappers. Looks like its going to be several bad days. Forecast for Gulf around Chandelier and Breton sound from the NOAA forecast. THU SE WINDS 15 KT. SEAS 4 TO 5 FT. THU NIGHT SE WINDS 15 TO 20 KT. SEAS 4 TO 5 FT. FRI SE TO S WINDS 15 TO 20 KT. SEAS 4 TO 6 FT. FRI NIGHT SE WINDS 15 TO 20 KT. SEAS 5 TO 6 FT. SAT SE TO S WINDS 15 TO 20 KT. SEAS 6 TO 7 FT. SAT NIGHT SE TO S WINDS 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 6 TO 7 FT IN E TO SE SWELL.

NOAA closes Amberjack season March 24th???

Ok, they have done it again. I got no idea where they get this kind of data. I cannot name one person that has caught an amberjack this year. They ( NOAA) has calculated that we ” the recreational fisherman ” has landed 335,741-pound  of Amberjack since Jan 1st. Ok let’s go small like 33 lbs. each. That is 10,000 amberjack. And the rec limit is 1 per person. We have caught none. Would like to see the names of those 10,000 people that caught that many.  Bad data make bad decisions.  Give control back to the states. I am sure they can manage better than this.   Quote from other article from other site “The recreational amberjack season in the Gulf of Mexico will close in federal waters at 12:01 a.m. on March 24, and will remain closed until Jan. 1, 2018, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  In a press release, NOAA said the 1,255,600-pound whole weight recreational catch limit for 2016 was exceeded, so the 2017 limit was reduced.  Based on available data, NOAA Fisheries projects the 335,741-pound catch target for 2017 will be reached by March 24 and the season will close until next year.’    

How did the crab trap rodeo go in Delacroix ?

Cathy and I along with the entire crew came down with the flu on Weds. A total of eight of my friends had drinks and dinner on Tuesday and all had the flu by 3:00 the next day.   We had all intention of picking up all the traps that time would allow on Saturday.  Hope everybody did fine and picked up lots of traps.  We are better after 4 days of tamiflu    Hope to be on water next weekend Stan

Diversion flowing wide open at Delacriox

No wonder it is muddy at Delacroix. Been running at 2000 cuft per second. that was only 21.5 M gallons of water a day. Today it is at 5000 cuft per second.  Really fushing the toilet today.. almost 54 M gallons of water in 24 hours. No plan on when to stop it published anywhere. Suggest you fish the North side of Bayou Terre aux Boeuf if you want a chance to catch saltwater fish. Will be muddy river water every where else if history repeats.

Delacriox weekend report

Sorry for the late report, was tech free all weekend. Saturday, Cathy and I left the camp at 7:00 am in very foggy condition. The visibility was less than 200yds.  We eased our way down to Lake John- 4 Horse (almost an hour ride) area with 100 live shrimp with a mission to catch some trout. We made several drifts on the west end of Four horse with a good falling tide. Each drift produced about 4 trout that were keepers (13 inches). We moved to the North bank and anchored to see if the trout where hanging closer to the bank.  The smaller trout 11 3/4″ where all over the place. We had a hook up or strike on every cast but no keepers. We voted to move and head back through shallow bay into Lake Fausan. We fished Fausan for several floats and did not get a strike. Water was still falling, but we now had an east wind. Water was not that bad but it wasn’t clean. We made our way over to Bay Adams and picked up/released several throw back reds. Water was still not bad in Bay Adams. We made our finally move through the crossing and onto Point Finne. We saw several boats anchored around and went to our normal spot in the South East corner before you get to the cut that goes to Oak River. Water again was not muddy but not clean either.  We sat there picking off trout under a cork for the next 4 hours on live shrimp. It was not fast and you needed a lot of patients. The trout would not bite any kind of artificial lure (tried them all), and they were not on the bottom. We headed in around 4:00 and called it a day. We did catch a limit of 50 trout but it was not easy. Sunday- We woke up kind of late (7:00). We watched too much football and probably too many Crowns to get the early start. We had discussed the fog issue several times that night which may have also resulted in the sleep in. Off to Point Finne by 8:00 with another bucket of live shrimp. We went to the same spot and waited them out. The fog did roll in around 8:30 and visibility dropped down to 100 yard. We picked them off at a rate of 4 to 5 trout and hour.  It took lots of patients to fish this way.  We talked several times about moving but as soon as you started that discussion your cork would go under with another keeper trout. We made 50 trout around 2:00 and headed back to Bay Adams to try and catch a few reds. Floated the North banks by the cross and picked up 4 keeper reds and 1 large bass. We headed in and called it a great weekend. I am attaching a picture from Saturday’s box for those that like to look at pictures. Nothing spectacular, just keeper trout. Fish Gill    

USGS 295124089542100 Caernarvon Outfall Channel at Caernarvon, LA

Just checked the web site, appears the Caernarvon has been on for 7 days at 4000 cu ft. of water per second or 43 Million gallons of river water per day. I will be headed down to Delacroix this weekend but will not fish the west area anymore for trout. It will be pure river water around Orange Bayou and upper Oak river. Hope they close it soon.

Black Friday evening Delacroix

Cathy and I came down late today.  Hit he water around 1:00and headed east towards campo. Fished cuts and islands with limited success.  All on live shrimp. Lots of throw backs unlike last weekend.  7 trout and 2 sheephead.  Tide was rising but not really moving at any pass with the ne wind.  Gnats are out also. Bring the spray when the wind dies down.  Came back around 4:00 and stopped in little lake by that one island in he middle and caught a couple more keeper trout.  Back at the dock at 5:15 and fought the gnats and mosquitos while unloading the boat. Leaving earlier in the morning to chance them in oak river

Delacroix FRI, SAT Wind-day, and SUN Wind-day

Cat and Bishop left early Friday morning and headed to camp. I had to work until 11:00 on Friday. They had the boat loaded in the water and took off to Little lake and fished the banks for reds until I arrived. They caught a bunch of throwback reds and 1 keeper bass and 1 large trout. I made it to the boat launch by 12:30 and off we went in search of trout. First stop was Oak river, we fished the cuts west of Skippy with no luck. Lots of falling tide- tons of GRASS- but no trout biting with live shrimp or plastic. Had enough and headed east. We made the long run down Oak river to the twin pipe lines and found our way down to Four horse. Floated the North West bank and picked up 3 trout that were keepers. Lots of throwbacks that were eating up the shrimp. Bishop saw some birds (large sea gulls) out of the lake so we went to investigate. Birds were feeding on something but just hopping from spot to spot- It was not shrimp and there were no trout around them. We then headed further east to Campo and fished the cuts and banks till we found the trout. As One of the pack says “it was a crazy 30 minutes” from 4:00 to 4:30. Water depth was around 5 feet and Bishop started the catching on a cork with a depth between 4 ft. and 4 ft. 8 inches. He was almost on the bottom. Cathy and I rigged up a drop shot rig and we started catching. I didn’t have time to rig slider cork rig but that would have nailed the trout. Problem arrives- we out of shrimp. Had 37 large trout and 1 large sheephead (bay snapper) in the boat.  Tried several artificial baits but nothing. No bites on purple, glow, Matrix, DOA, Gulp, they just quit biting. Headed in at 4:45 and arrived back home at dark 30. Cleaned fish and prepared for the next day. Saturday- Well the next day arrived about 3:30 am. Wind out of the north at 25 plus miles per hour. Temperature not that bad, wind-chill was awful. Canal in front of camp had white caps at sun up. Made the call. No go- I know.  Started next project after breakfast and hot chocolate. It was time to replace the axle and springs on trailer due to a bent spindle. Ok, I thought this was going to be a simple job. Wrong!! I went through 5 cut off grinding disk to remove the rusted nuts and bolts off the springs. Had to get a bigger hammer and proceed to beat the “X%$#$)” out of the old bolts that were totally rusted in the spring housing. After several hours of swinging and cursing and hitting thumb (that really hurt) the old bolts were removed.  The installation job was simple, Catfish backed the nuts with proper wrench and the impact gun had the reinstallation job done in 20 minutes. All that was left was re-install tires and hubs. First tire went on with new cotter pin and bearing greased. Second tire (well) not so fast. I had to make trip into town for parts. The rear seal was damaged from the bent spindle. Ok, for all those auto parts places in Chalmette LA, yall need to stock parts. I could not buy just a seal, looked at three different stores, I had to buy the entire wheel bearing assembly. Its only money!! I guess I now have a spare bearings and races. Project completed by 12:30. Wind still blowing at 25 plus miles an hour. Time for football and early cocktail hour- thumb medicine was my excuse. Neighbors (Mark and crew) came home from ducking hunting with limits of birds. At least they had a great morning. Thumb quit hurting around 9:30 that night. Yes, I think I was bullet proof by then. Sunday- Catfish had final vote- wind still blowing at 8:00 a.m. Time to head back to Pass Christian. Loaded boat on trailer- all good. Made it back to the Pass around 12:15. I have to admit weather man was right. At 11:30 we were traveling old Hwy 90 and wind stopped. Guess I should have stayed at camp and fished Sunday evening but, that another story for another day. We will be down Friday through next Friday. Time for the annual Delacroix vacation. Stan (The Fish) Gill    

Saturday – Sunday Delacroix Trout

Cathy and I left the dock around 1:45 Saturday and fished a rising tide. We fished the North end of Lake Robin Area on Saturday and caught lots of trout ( well over 50) but had to release all but a few. We used live shrimp to plastic DOA type lures. Most of the larger fish were caught on the bottom with shrimp lures tight lined. I think we had 12 keepers. Lots of fish in the Lake Robin area but could only find small ones. I drove around Saturday and there were several boats working the North shore of Four Horse. Didn’t see them catching anything but they were out if force. We got up Sunday or I should say woke up Sunday to the duck hunters having fun. Lots of Boom’s going off at 5:45 a.m. I guess that legal shooting hours? We left the dock at 6:45 and picked up live shrimp and headed to the river to search for larger trout. We found the trout in the cuts off of Oak River east of the twin pipe line canal, but not very far from the twin pipe line – ( 50 trout and 1 channel cat). I think we released about 3 small trout- 3 small stripe bass- 1 20 plus pound bull red and over 10 small red fish 12″ to 15″. All fish caught on the bottom using a Carolina rig with 1 oz. bank sinker, 4 ft. 20 fluorocarbon leader, and #4 3X treble hook. Current was really moving and that is the only weight I had that would reach the bottom. Bite stopped around 10:00- I think there was still fish there but we ran out of live shrimp. We finished out limit on DOA lures after we removed the treble hook. That took a while to land the last 7 trout to finish the limit. I think it’s call a Rucker Rig set up. Will be back down on Friday to finish working on trailer axle. The new axle will be ready tomorrow. I bent a spindle somehow. I don’t remember hitting anything but it is really bent. I can still move the boat an trailer from camp to launch but at a very slow pace. Don’t want to destroy a tire. Until next time Stan

Delacroix report Saturday evening / Sunday Morning

Fished Saturday evening in Delacroix from 2:00 to dark. Made the trip down to Four horse and floated the area around the twin pipe line. Lots of boats fishing but very little catching. 2 trout on that stop under a cork with live shrimp. I made a decision to head down the twins to oak river and start working my way back to the single pipe line (pencil canal). Stopped in Pt.Finne and floated the area from 3:00 to 4:00. There were several flocks of seagulls working the area but where very sensitive to boats trying to fish them. We ended up with another 3 trout under a cork at Pt.Finne. Made the final move and headed to oak river to fish the very end of the falling tide around Skippy. Bingo!! We found the trout for a fast 30 min. with live bait and Berkley gulp shrimp. We boated 21 trout – no throw backs ( 13 to 15 inch) and 10 blue cats ( perfect size- 12 inches). Bite stopped at 5ish as tide change( started coming in) and fish moved some where. All fish caught on the bottom with drop shot rig 3/8 oz. bank sinker. Headed out Sunday with a stiff 12 to 15 knot east wind. Went back to Skippy to be met with a fast rising tide which was suppose to be falling according to the tide charts. Tide and wind continued rising till we left at 11:00. Fished all around with corks, bottom, tight line, on a real search mission. Caught 3 small trout 11.99 inches-(release to be caught again) 1 small black drum 15.99 inches- ( release to be caught again) and 1 small blue cat ( ok it was really small). So with that we were skunked- no fish- nada. We are heading back down on Thursday, as I have trailer maintenance to perform. Have to replace axle and springs due to corrosion. Planning to fish Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Of note we did hear good reports from other fisherman (that we trust) on Sunday from the four horse area but on the South east side of the lake as compared to where we fished on Saturday on the North West side – I did not to go there with that kind of wind on Sunday. To rough of a ride in my boat. Stan