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Delacroix 04.08.17

Date: 04.08.17 Time: 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Weather: Beautiful cool morning to mild afternoon° Wind: Brisk in the morning around 10-15 mph, slack for about 2 hours, then about 5-10 rest of day. Tide: Pretty much slack all day until 2:00 p.m. then started moving. Water Temp: 70°-71° Water Clarity (Scale 1-10 dirty to clear): 2-3 6” of clarity was best we found. Location: Delacroix (Four Horse, Bay Nevette) Technique: Plastics under Cork, and Plastics Jigged on Bottom Lures: Everything in Bag (Matrix, H&H, Egret, VuDu) Color Didn’t seem to matter. Yield: 28 Keeper Specks with about 10 throwbacks, 4 nice reds, 1 bass, and a sting ray.   I and two co-workers (Jeff and Kirk) launched at Serigne’s in Delacroix at 6:00.  There was a line down the hwy for both launches.  Started out in 4 Horse Lake with very little if any water movement.  Jeff and Kirk picked up 2 undersized trout.  Moved around to bay nevette and started picking up a few here and there.  Never could really find them stacked up anywhere.  Moved to a couple shallow ponds and picked up a few reds.  They were all over the place.  It was the first time I had ever sight fished for reds and it was by accident because they were everywhere.  To say the truth as we were moving from one bay to the next Jeff says look at that, 2 reds swimming right in front of the boat literally less than 2 feet away and he dropped lure in front and Bam fish on.  Funniest thing I had ever seen. So we pushed the boat into some shallow bays to pick up the last couple reds we could.  On way back in we made one stop at one spot we first started at to see if fish were biting now that the water started moving.  this is where we picked up the rest.  All in all we had a great day on water.   Arrive alive.

ForTheGirls 02.28.17 Late Afternoon Trestle Trip

Date: 02.28.17 Time: 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Weather: Beautiful 55-72° Wind: South 15 mph Tide: Slow Falling Water Temp: 69° Water Clarity (Scale 1-10 dirty to clear): 7 Location: North End of Lake P. Trestles Technique: Tight line Plastics/Plastics under Cork Lures: Matrix Lemon Head, Holy Jolie, Egret Baits Wedge Tail Purple and Chartreuse Yield: 1 Speck I launched at the Dock in Slidell, got to Trestles by 2:00 p.m.  Not too many boats out today.  I fished the north side of the trestles.  Birds diving everywhere around me but the fish were not biting.  I fished every side of every piling on the bridge.  No bites.  I kept seeing fish break the top of the water so I tried throwing a top dawg out but also no bites.  I then threw out the popping cork with about 24” of leader tied to it and popped and slow retrieve and got the only fish I caught all day.  Water was very rough out. Well, I will be off of the water a while.  Honey-Do list is growing at an alarming rate.  Have to make sure the boss stays happy.  If the boss is not happy me no get to fish.   Arrive Alive!!!

For The Girls Lake P. 02.19.17

Date: 02.19.17 Time: 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Weather: Beautiful 55-72° Wind: North 5 MPH Tide: Falling Water Temp: 60° Water Clarity (Scale 1-10 dirty to clear): 3 Location: South End of Lake P. Trestles/Lake P Artificial Reef Technique: Drop Shot with Live Bait/Tried Plastics Lures: Matrix Lemon Head and Matrix Tiger Bait Yield: 5 Specks (3 NMR)(2 Throwbacks), and 1 Catfish I launched at the Dock in Slidell, got to Trestles by 7:15 a.m.  Not too many boats out today.  did however see ONEOFTHEPACK out and about trolling his trusty ¾ oz. jig head with lemonhead matrix shad.  When I saw him he had two in the boat.  I started out just south of the draw bridge with no luck.  I fished every side of the pilings with no luck.  First tried plastics then tried live shrimp. No bites around the bridge.  Moved out to fish where I saw the loons diving.  No fish.  Thought I was going to get skunked. Remembering I had the 2 artificial reefs on my gps for Lake P between hwy 11 and twin span I said why not go try it out.  Made it to the reef and started a drift over it.  I threw out a live shrimp and BAM a 12” Trout (Throwback), same drift and another shrimp BAM 15” Trout.  Went back to where I started drift and tried again.  I pulled in the rest of the trout this same way.  The Problems started when I anchored up.  I had so many snags and popped lines.  I stopped after all of the 1 oz sinkers in my box were gone.  I could have probably squeaked out a few more but had to get home to get ready to go to the parade with the kids. Could not miss this one.  We promised after missing the one the night before. All in all the fish seem scattered.  I did not see anyone reeling the fish in steadily.  I did see people trolling, but they also were not reeling them in.  Great day on the water.   Arrive Alive!!!

Trestles Trip 01.14.17 Afternoon

For The Girls……. Date: 01.14.17 Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Weather: Beautiful 75° Wind: West 0-5 MPH Tide: Falling Hard and Fast-Almost slack Water Temp: 55°-60° Water Clarity (Scale 1-10 dirty to clear): 5 Location: South End of Lake P. Trestles Technique: Drop Shot with Live Bait/Tried Plastics Lures: Matrix Lemon Head and Matrix Tiger Bait Yield: 5 Specks (4 NMR), and 1 Catfish Wife and I launched at the Dock in Slidell, got to Trestles by 1:15 p.m.  There were boats everywhere. I ran the boat all the way to the south end taking inventory and charging up the batteries on the boat.  Found out I have one battery not holding charge.  Once I made the loop back I eased into the spot that has been paying off for the past few weeks just south of the draw bridge.  I was anchored up on the west side with the tide pulling me toward the trestles.  Started casting under the trestles with no bites.  Casted out and let tightened the line up and put the rod in the rod holder.  Started casting out away from the bridge also with no bites, left that rod casted out and in the rod holder also.  After about 30 minutes of waiting and the wife eating up tackle hanging up on the bottom, the line that was under the bridge went off.  Reeled in a nice trout about 18”.  Casted that line back out under trestles.  Another 15 minutes went by and then the line had casted out away from bridge went off with another nice trout.  Another 20 minutes went by and the wife was getting antsy so I moved to east side of trestles.   The east side was the same story as the west side. Slow bite but was able to pick up 1 trout and one catfish with the same technique as the west side, cast out and let it sit.  Also if anyone was wondering I still had another poll that I was casting and twitching looking for fish also.  I didn’t just cast and let sit. Wife was getting a bit frustrated that nothing was hitting her line.  A quick tutorial was all it took.  After explaining to her how the tide was moving bait and wait on bottom and that she had to keep the line tight she at least was able to catch two of the trout and a small black drum that was well under the legal size.   All in all the fish seem to still be there.  However I did not see anyone reeling the fish in steadily.  I did see people trolling who were pulling fish in slowly also.  I also saw a good bit of boats on the north side but couldn’t tell how they were doing.  Great day on the water.   Arrive Alive!!!

For The Girls Late Trestles Trip

Weather: 59-47 Wind: Barely Any Water Clarity: 5 out of 10 Tide: Started Slow Falling then Hard Falling Then almost Slack Time: 1:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Technique: Live Shrimp on Drop Shot and Matrix Lemon Head Location: Lake P Trestles West Side Just South of Draw Bridge Yield: 11 Specks NMR, 1 Large Sheephead, 1 throwback black drum, 3 throwback reds (legal on the dot not risking shrinkage)   Launched at The Dock in Slidell. Got to spot at 1:30. Started throwing live shrimp toward piling. Caught the 2 large trout this way and the large sheep head. Bite was slow against piling sand under bridge so I started casting away from bridge as far as I could cast. Caught rest of fish away from trestles. Bite was not on fire but I was catching. I also had one of those days where I was catching everything on my boat and anything under the water but fish. I can’t count how many tangled lines I had to undo and how many ropes and branches I snagged and drug up from bottom. Always seemed to happen on cast out after hooking fish. Kept breaking rhythm. Also the trout didn’t seem to hit bait unless I was twitching the live bait. I got no hits on plastic. I didn’t try too long with it either. All in all good trip with fish in freezer.   Arrive Alive. P.S.  I noticed the dock is advertising live bait now. I didn’t ask when I went as I already picked up shrimp from bait shop on front street on way.

For The Girls Trestles 12.29.16

Weather 69-65 Wind: Started Out 5-6 mph Then 20-30 mph Tide: Falling Time: 8:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. Location: Lake P Trestles Technique: Tightlining Plastics Lures: Matrix (all colors) Yield: Goose Egg   Launched at Heritage park. Wanted to be careful as morning weather and marine report not looking good. Headed out with plastics only as bait shop on front was hit hard this morning for live bait and we’re sold out. Made my way on to lake as it was really calm. Made it to the trestles through a bit of rain. Started just south of north draw. Started with lemon head matrix. Got a few taps with no takers. Only had about 1 hour and a half of calm water. Should have gotten out earlier. Threw a few different color plastics with no results. Had to put Bimini top up as rain came and went hard a few times. Did not feel like getting wet. It was like a light switch at about 9:30. Wind started howling as front was coming through. Only took about a half hour of the hurricane winds and rough seas and headed back to launch with no fish. Still there were a few boats out. Should have just stayed home but you gotta go to know as the Pack says.   Arrive Alive.

For The Girls Late Trestles Trip 12.26.16

Weather: 78°-65° Wind: South, South East 10-12mph Tide: Slow Falling Tide, Then Rising at 3:30 p.m. Water Temp: 69°-62° Location: Just South of the North Draw Bridge at the Lake P Trestles Technique: Live Shrimp on Drop Shot/Tight Line Matrix Yield: 8 Keepers and 4 throwbacks (3 Specks NMR, 3 Reds Definite Measure Required, 1 Black Drum Needed Measure Also, 1 huge sail cat, 3 thowback sail cats)   Launched at Heritage Park in Slidell.  I have a question to start this out, does anyone know where the no wake zone stops from heritage park out to the Lake?  I can understand from the launch through the bridge and a little ways past, I can also see the parish no wake signs, but am lost after that.  if i follow all of the signs that people have posted down bayou which is very wide after the first turn past the bridge i would be idling for over an hour. Now for the fishing, Once out on the lake the ride was slow and steady, the fog was still thick at 1:00 p.m.  Made my way to the draw bridge to find plenty boats out on water.  Found a spot just south of the north draw bridge.  I had myself, my wife, my two daughters (ages 5, and almost 2), and my mom.  I had to play deckhand for a while.  After a couple of hours of everyone getting tired of fish stealing bait from line, and my mom pulling in one red and one trout, I had to see what was going on.  I cast the line right under the trestles and BAM 22″ trout.  Cast the line again and BAM small but keeper Red. Cast the line again and BAM Small but keeper Black.  This went one for the rest of the fish caught.  handed the pole back and the fish STOPPED BITING AS THEY SAID.  Still fun with everyone on the boat though.  I did take line back around 4:00 p.m. just after tide started coming and and fish bite did die off.  I would like to say that at least 6 boats stopped to ask what we were using because they had no afternoon bites on plastics. I had also tried plastics of every color and style and had 0 bites also.  Fish only seemed to want the live shrimp.   I have a couple of days upcoming this week where i will be off of work and hopefully back on water.  If i can boat a limit of the trout the same size we caught i will have plenty of fish back in freezer. I will 100% be back on water January 2, 2016 weather permitting.   Arrive Alive (P.S.: Be Careful In the Fog)  

For The Girls Fighting the Wind 11.19.16

Weather: 48°-64° Wind: North 20-30 mph Tide: Falling all day (Mostly Wind Driven) Water Temp: 68°-64° Location: Lake Catherine/Unknown Pass Technique: Popping Cork/Tight-lining Jigs/Drop Shot Yield: 10 Trout (3 Keepers), 1 Red (0 Keepers), and 1 Flounder   Started out poorly, got to launch at 7:30 a.m.  went to tilt the motor up and motor would not tilt/ trim.  Went into store to buy some hydraulic fluid and were told they do not carry any (the clerk did however said they should carry it because this happens all the time).  Took of to go back into Slidell to go to Walmart.  Got everything back up and working and got back to launch at 8:30. Headed across Lake C. very rough with the hurricane force winds.  got into unknown pass and started tight-lining with no results.  Fished numerous cuts and points with nothing to show for it.  Fished for about 3 hours fighting the winds with no results.  Found a canal on the way back in to the launch and headed off way back in it.   Threw out the popping cork and let the current take the cork.  We hit one rat red and 1 flounder.  pulled power pole and drifted back toward the mouth and stuck the pole back down.  Same technique, popping cork with matrix shrimp creole tipped with market shrimp and started getting hits.  Started with small trout.  then something pulled my line and pulled hard.  Started reeling and pulled out drag.  Though it had a keeper red on the line and to my surprise it was the fattest 21″ trout i had caught.  Ended the day with the 3 keepers.  I would say the day was worth it as I found a new spot to try on a high tide day. Until next time arrive alive.

ForTheGirls Biloxi Marsh 10.29.16

Weather: 59 to 84 Wind: Weather said East 5-8 More like East 15 gust to 20 Water 68-69 Clarity Scale 1-10: 3-5 Location Bayou La Fee and Canals Connecting Tide: Falling in Morning then Rising Lures/Style: Live Shrimp under popping cork, Plastics under popping cork, tight lining plastics. (Matrix shrimp creole, lemon drop, magneto, Zman minnow, Shu Shu marsh minnow gun metal. Started a little late. Launched at pearl river hwy 90 at Pearlington around 8:30. Headed out east pass. Lake Borgne a little rough 2-3 foot. Started out at mouth of Bayou La Fee with 50 live shrimp. Plenty throw backs only 2 Keepers. Moved around to other drains nearby looking for moving water picking up a few here and there. Went through all 50 shrimp with only 3 keepers. Switched to matrix shrimp creole under cork and started catching keepers. Only hit one or two at every drain. Tried other lures and only got 1 on Shu Shu. Pushed my boats limits with no trolling motor and made my way in a very shallow canal kicking up mud on way in. Found a pretty decent sized shallow ware pond with 3 canals dumping in and fished points and around a little island in the pond that water was moving around. Only made my way back in this canal because plenty birds diving in this pond. Caught the last 15 trout back here. Mostly caught on popping cork with 12″ leader and Shrimp Creole on 1/8 oz jig head. Glad I made my way in. Have a bit of a fish story from this trip. The bite kind of slowed down and threaded on a dead shrimp on a jig head and threw at the point. Cork went straight down and the drag started running out. Knew I had something good. Reeling back to boat and saw the body of a hug red roll out of water. Grabbed net while reeling in. Red was close to boat then spit out the 16″ trout that hat hit the shrimp on cork. Red was huge. 1st time for everything. I was in shock. All in all it was a good trip. Finished up with 18 trout. Like OneofThePack says look for 4 things wind at your back, moving water, water clarity, and fish activity. A bit hard for the wind at your back with the gusts. Arrive alive.

ForTheGirls: Biloxi Marsh/Lake Borgne

Date: 10.23.16 Weather: 47°-81° Wind: North/North East/East Tide: Falling in Morning/Shifting to Rising in Afternoon Water Temp: 67°-72° Location: West Shoreline Biloxi Marsh/South Shoreline Lake Borgne Against Little Lake Technique: Live Shrimp Under Popping Cork (16″-18″ Leader)/Lures Under Popping Cork (Same Leader Length)/ Tight Lining Lures Lures: Matrix Shad (All Colors)/Zman Elaztech Minnow/Shu Shu Shad (Gun Metal) Yield: 5 Keeper Specks (12-1/2″-16″)/Handful of throwback Specks/Small Croaker/ 14″ Throwback Red/ 1 Flounder/ 2 Big Pulls on the line that shook the hook (1 felt like a bull red the other a door mat Flounder)   Launched before sun rise with 50 very lively shrimp (trying to jump out of live well).  Headed east across Lake Borgne to fish the west shoreline of the Biloxi Marsh.  Found an island with water moving around it at the mouth of Bayou La Fee.  Started Catching as soon as we go there.  Small trout with the handful of keepers mentioned above.  went through 40 shrimp with smalls biting off tails.  I switched to tigh lining plastics and was getting short strikes and then 5 feet from boat something just about pulled the Rod out of my hand.  Went to set the hook and it shook the lure.  I was fishing Matrix Lemon Head.  Made the way back towards the launch and decided to hit the south shore line of Lake Borgne up against Little Lake.  Jason’s first cast out with Matrix shrimp creole under popping cork and cork down.  I think he was sleeping and didn’t set the hook.  No fish.  second cast and Bam cork swimming away.  Jason in aww no set hook. No Fish.  i was tight lining everything in tackle bag.  Zman Elaztech Minnow getting the most hits.  Picked up one flounder here and then something big hit and shook the hook while pulling drag.   Weather was beautiful.  Started off with a chilly boat ride in the morning but finished off perfect around 80° low humidity.  Need to learn the Marsh Better.  Scared to make the move deeper in as i am unfamiliar with the marsh and the canals and bayous associated with it. Any fishpersons with any intel on getting into the marsh would be greatly appreciated. Heading back this weekend coming to hunt down “Silverwonders” as the Pack calls them.  Hopefully I will venture further in.   Another Great and Safe Trip