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EFPs For Red Snapper

I hope the state offers me an EFP so I can tell them where to stick it. I seriously doubt they will, given the fact that, I think the selection process will be anything but random as publisized. ¬†After all, there is already an EFP program in place, with “select” charter boats fishing snapper whenever they want to now. They could get all the data they claim they need from them…., or maybe they think we forgot about those “chosen few”. The state and the Feds already have enough data. Data is not the problem. Greed and the wrong people with way to much power is. I’m sure there is groups out there right now getting beat up, in boats too small for the weather, because if they don’t fish now they can’t fish. The gulf council can stick their three day season in the same spot that the state can stick their EFP. Gary Falgout