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when was the last cold weather trout

seems like it was a good while ago,,,,could someone tell me when the cold weather caused a rather large trout kill that took a few years to rebound from.  i seem to remember that it was a sudden cold after a warm spell.  could someone hep me remember the year???

fishing frustration

went for a boatride yesterday,,, which is what i usually say when i go fishing,,,, but yesterday’s boat ride turned into an actual boat ride.  to begin with had not been on the water since the end of dux season,,,, so locating fish and fishable water was going to be a challenge.  but when we got to that second boat launch and put the boat in the water,,,, we attempt to get some shrimp and,,, surprise,,,, despite an earlier report that there were shrimp to be had,,,,no shrimp.  as we kno,,, the ss down the street do not sell bait to jack’s customers,,, so we wait around with a few others who are waiting the arrival of the shrimp which were supposed to be there for 5 am.  we left the boat launch baitless after six.  we fished pretty hard for most of the morning,,,, amadee,,,, bayou robin,,, lake robin ,,, thenn to four horse,,,, (or is that four whores??? always wanted to know how it got it’s name) little four horse,,, edge of lake campo,,,, wind had started by then,,,, back to four whores and into the bay leading to round lake.  not a keeper caught the entire day.  stopped at lake john as the last stop of the day.  still grassy there so using a cork,,,, and when i was reeling kind of fast right next to the boat i got a strike.  apparently that is what they wanted there,,,,, so we started basic cast and retrieve with a cork,,,, caught a few nice trout in lake john.  they bit for a half hour or so but that was it.  to the boat launch before two.  fishing without bait turned out to be an exercise in futility. what i did notice and wanted to pass on,,,, now i always appreciate the beauty of the marsh,,,,, we saw a very large eagle in flight that was screaming,,, and we saw some dux,,, more dux than i have seen in the marsh,,,, maybe ever.  i mean we saw tens of thousands of dux,,,, many in amadee,,,, many many in the four horse area.  one “cloud” in four horse must have had over five thousand dux in it.  i have not seen anywhere near this type of number for the past twenty five or thirty years. portends well for dux futures.                                                                                                            well,,,that is about all i got,,,, beauty in the marsh,,,, as well as frustration.

somewhat slow and misguided dux hunt

the consequence of a fairly slow day and failing to look down the barrel of the gun when a dozen or so of those little fighter jet imitators came zooming in.  does anyone else have problems with ‘FLOCK”  shooting??? i would prefer singles, doubles or at most two pair.  when the teal come in groups i have the darnedest time hitting any,,, and while i remember seeing them,,, i never remember seeing the barrel of my gun.  even so,,, it is never a bad day hunting.  lots of beautiful sites and beautiful sounds.  tomorrow,,,, family day in the dux blind

decent weekday dux hunt!!

had to pick up some meds this am at lsu,,, so we pulled away from chalmette after 6:15 am,,,, got into the reggio bayou after sunrise.  nevertheless,,,, we had a decent day.  lots of grey dux flying,,, some nice bands coming over us,,, one passed four times before we could take a couple out of the band.  didn’t see any pins today.  grays, teel, mots,,, not a bad day

weekday hunt

got out to the duck blind finally as the water came up a bit,,,, no mud motor so i need some water to get there,,,, looks like there are some big ducks down,,, saw a number of pintails as well as a few greenheads and hens.  a few gw teal are still down and there are still some greys around.  haven’t seen many scaup lately,,, but the pintails will make up for it.  looks like it should be a good last ten daze or so to the season.  those gw teal drakes are some beautiful animals,,, aren’t they???

christmas day hunt

very foggy morning.  left late to try to wait for fog to lift.  got to boat launch and decided not to go due to fog.  drove nearly to violet canal and turned around to try to get to duck blind.  got there after light (i have had some unhappy times in the fog in the dark)  no trouble getting to blind,,, water a bit low but not too bad.  very few hunters,,, birds flying steady.  shot ten in a couple hours,,, including a greenhead and hen,,, not too many of them in reggio.  hen mallard,,, one hen gw teal and the rest drakes,,, three teal, gadwall, mottled two scaup.  great christmas hunt.

quite a week in the delacroix marshes

it was quite a week in the delacroix marshes last week.   beginning last monday running into a bunch of trout,,,, then on friday not as many trout but enuf for a good fry.  saturday found us in my favorite duck blind shooting gw teal, gray dux dosgris and spoonies to fill out a two man limit.  sunday mite have been the most memorable of all.  set up for a north wind,,,, which was the wrong thing to do and if i were just a little smarter i would have done it right,,,, the morning began warm and muggy with a south wind at about five to eight mph,,, 70 something degrees,,, mosquitoes and gnats trying to carry u away.  three of us were sitting there saying,,, “where is that front??” well,,, about an hour later we could see a line of ominous looking clouds in the distance to the west.  that line of clouds was literally on us in three minutes.  with the clouds came a 20 degree plus temperature drop and a wind shift from south at seven to northwest at 35 miles per hour.  it happened as quickly as i have ever seen in my half century of duck hunting.  was truly awe inspiring.  white caps on my duck pond.  shot a few dux,,,, not many,,, but they were falling so far away,,,, being blown by the wind over an adjacent island,,,, that i wouldn’t let my little gyp even try to retrieve them,,, and she was some upset.  not sure what dog could have made a 250 yard retrieve and then swim against a 30 mph wind that was putting whitecaps on my duck pond,, but i wasn’t going to let mine even try.  i can’t come home without her,,, my friend at the house claimed her as the runt of the litter,, and when her brother washed out at the trainer i sent her and bart posey at wonderlabs did a good job with training her in two months,, but my friend has a special attachment to pepper.  it’s a heck of a thing when u r a dog guy,,, and all ur dogs are vying for the attention of the person with whom u share a bed.  sometimes i have to compete with them to get next to my friend. In any event,,, lots of fish, a few ducks for a good couple of dinners.  again the time has come to regret not getting a mudboat when i had the funds to do so,, and now that the water has blown out of my little piece of paradise i have to wait for an east or southeast for a couple daze to be able to get back on the dux. hope to get out there between christmas and new years.  if anyone has a mudboat that is just idling and would like it to go duck hunting let me know,,, have a couple blinds that are dying to be used. happy holidaze to all u hunters and fisherpersons out there.  it is a good time to be reflective, to celebrate the birth of our savior and to put an end to a very troubling and divisive year,, hoping for a better 2017.

fish mysteries

started fairly early and got set up where there was a lot of tidal movement,,, with water ripping through into the lake.  cork started going down,,, no wind,,, and we seemed to promptly put thirty five in the box,,,, only a handful of throwbacks.  wind started and the fish stopped at that location,,, so we moved about a hundred yards into the lake.  started with live shrimp but the fish were biting every cast so started using doa’s and they bit just as well.  after the move we went to live again,, and began to pick up fish from four inches to eleven and three quarters inches.  no bites on plastic,,, all on live.  started home with thirty nine fish,,, crossed the lake on the way home and stopped at a point to use the last ten or so live ones,,,, started picking up fourteen to sixteen inch fish and finished the day with forty seven specks and one toothy critter.  can’t figure why the wind seemed to affect the fish so much,,,, from what they bit to the size of the fish biting.  f i ever figure these mysteries out i can leave this world a happy man.