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Looking for fishing Buddy, Lake P, Biloxi Marsh, Delacroix, Hopedale. Your boat or mine, I am in the Slidell area.  Call Philip @ 985-640-6713.

Train Bridge

1-16-17 Headed to the train bridge Monday morning about 8 a.m. Passed thru the draw and joined the troll parade headed south.  The sonar showed many bait schools and then about 3/4 mile the screen loaded up with bait balls.  Picked up one trout, continued till the bait signals thinned out, turned around headed back north and the bait signals got thick again.  Picked up 8, so stayed in that area of the bait, caught some casting lures and some trolling.  Now you see them and then you don’t, the bait went from being plenty and then the sonar signals thinned out to a few baits.  Never caught another fish after the bait fell off to hardly nothing.