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Golf Couse Bassin

Hey guys Yesterday my friend and I fished two local golf course ponds. We caught 27 bass in under an hour. It was an awesome afternoon filled with non stop action! I made a little video for y’all to check out.

Early fall bass fishing

hey guys me and a buddy hit local pond Friday afternoon. We absolutely slaughtered the bass. We caught around 17 in a little under an hour. All fish caught on senkos, both wacky rigged and Texas rigged. Made a little video for y’all to check out

Reds in Abundance

Part 2 of Delacroix video is up on my channel. In this video, we killed the Reds, easily catching our limit. Hope y’all enjoy it, lemme know what y’all think. All fish caught in Grand Lake on Labor Day Weekend. Dead shrimp under a cork  

Found Em in Delacroix

Hey guys! Just came out with a new video, fishing in the marshes of Delacroix Island, LA. Catching Redfish, Flounder, Bass, and Sheepshead. Please go give it a look, and let us know how we did on the video. This was our first saltwater video. Thanks!

Delacroix Help?!

Has anyone been to Delacroix Lately? It’s been about a month since I have been down there, and I plan on going this weekend. I caught some reds and trout in Little Lake And Grand Lake in the beginning of August. Has anyone been catching any fish on the inside? Bass, reds, or trout all advice appreciated. I hoping the storm up in the Gulf pushes a good amount of Saltwater in the marshes. Maybe it will start the fall trout run a little early? ?Thanks guys appreciate any response!!

Palm Lake Bassin’

Hey guys went back to Bayou Bonfouca this weekend. Didn’t catch much in the actual bayou but did decent in the Palm Lake area. In a little area I like to call Stump Lagoon. All fish caught on poppers, hollow body frogs, and buzzbaits. It was a fun afternoon with exciting topwater action. Also made another video from the trip.

Bass Fishing Bayou Bonfouca

Hey guys went back to where I grew up fishing, Bayou Bonfouca. My buddy and I did pretty good. We caught some bass on top water poppers, and suprisingly a perch. Took a video so y’all could check it out. Let me know what y’all think