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Lake P Trolling

Hit the trestles around 7:30 this morning to try out the trout troll.  I had never done this before, so expectations were pretty low. One of us was using a 3/8oz jighead and the other was using a double 3/8oz rig in an attempt to mimick the 3/4oz jigs that seems to be working well. We both got bites within about 50 yards of our first pass (we both lost them as well). After a bit of a slow period we boated 3-4 in a row with one of them being a little over 20″ and the others were at least 15-16″. We then went for about an hour with no bites. From then on out it was fairly steady at about a fish every 5-10 minutes. We finished up with 14 trout, all of which were nice sized. Water conditions were pretty decent, 58 degrees on average and fairly clear. Water was moving towards the west most of the morning.  Most fish were caught on the west side of the trestles about 50 yards from the pilings, although a couple were right up against them as well. Several boats out and about, and it seemed like most people were catching a few but nowhere near limits. Turned out to be a great day on the water.

Delacroix Reds

My friend Brad and I hit the marsh in Delacroix yesterday about 7am. Checked out a few ponds that were too grassy for us to fish. On the way out of a pond down near Oak River, we found the reds hanging out near the opening of the pond. We would catch 3 or so, then have to give them a break and change spots. When we came back, the reds were back in feeding mode every time. We just kept doing that until we had our limits. The largest was right at 27″ and the smallest was about 22″. There was one throwback red, a 14″ bass, and a 16″ trout also caught in the same spot.


Launched out of Delacroix yesterday morning at 7:30. Headed to spot 1b and caught 2 throwback trout on a purple cocahoe with chartreuse tail. Bites stopped happening so I found a pond south of Oak River and hooked up on 2 reds with a gold spoon. Unfortunately I had my drag set for bluegill/crappie fishing from my last trip and forgot to change it when I tied the spoon on so I lost the first one because I couldn’t set the hook properly. The second one also spit the hook right at the boat. I found a point with water moving around it on the way back and caught four reds with dead shrimp under a cork. I also got my line broke, and lost another one at the boat. There were tons of ladyfish on this point and it seemed like if I could keep the shrimp away from them long enough, the reds were biting almost every cast. Winds were light most of the day (felt like E/SE) and the tide seemed to be falling all morning. Saw a couple other guys who caught a few trout inside with live shrimp/corks so it shouldn’t be long until “trout season” kicks off in the marsh. I definitely look forward to filling the freezer back up.

Port Sulphur Kayak trip

Launched the yak behind the school in port sulphur a couple of times this week. Did pretty decent on reds fishing dead shrimp under a cork. Also got a few bites tight lining plastics over some oyster beds but no hookups so not sure what they were. Still a little early for trout in that area. On another note, is there a way to access our reports from the old site? I used my reports there as a log of my fishing trips and can’t figure out how to see them. Thanks!