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CAPT JOSH HOWARD Venice, LA USA In this age of social media, it makes it too easy for us to share our pictures and reports daily from our phones. So I know its been a while since a report or picture from us but we do still sponsor the site and we will try to see you a little more in the future. With rain and wind outside my door tonight, I would say no chance of fishing trips over the next few days. The last few weeks has produced some nice fish though , Several yellowfin tuna over 100 pounds. I think Capt Mitch caught our biggest at 175 pounds which is in the process of getting a replica made now. Many huge blacken tuna and some nice wahoo are also being caught. The yellowfin bite this time of year can be up and down and this year has been no different . We get on them for a few days and then they seem to disappear for a while. We have had a few really tough days but overall its been productive. Not much live bait around this time of year so the smell of cut pogies and the cut bait of the day fill the air and the cutting board is working overtime. Many hooks are donated to the sharks and kings but for that sound of a screaming 50 wide…… it somehow makes it all worth it . I wouldn’t really say that we have gotten on a crazy wahoo bite this year but some have been boated. Our best catch was the 60 pound wahoo Capt Gray hooked and landed on a verticle jig a few weeks ago. Always happy to see that. With the amberjack size limit being increased to 34 inches this year….. you know that we have caught a ton of 30-33 inch fish. What used to be an easy limit of jacks has turned into mission impossible when using jigs. We seem to always hook the bigger amberjack on live bait but its a bit hard to come by right now. I did see some large hardtail on the surface at a few platforms the other day but they wouldn’t touch a sabiki… they get like that sometimes when they are hanging out on the surface. It won’t be long now till we are in full Spring fishing mode. We will make the transition from fishing the natural bottoms to the shelf platforms and even the deep water platforms . Cant wait for flip flops and blue water. We have plenty dates open on both boats right now. We also have a condo at Cypress Cove for rent…. you can rent it even if you are not fishing with us. Check us out on Facebook to keep up with our day to day trips and pictures. Please see our website for any detail and please call us today to set up your trip offshore. Capt Josh Howard 225-572-7408 deepsouthcharters@cox.net