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High Performance Marine flooring for your new or used boat

Safe Floor of Louisiana did this large 24′ aluminum hull today. The owner said the deck was very slippery, hot and noisy. NO MORE!!! Our crew knocked this out in one day and he will enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment with his new deck. Safe Floor is slip resistant, even when wet and reduces noise, glare and heat from aluminum or fiberglass hulls. Give us a call for a free estimate and Safe Floor is guaranteed for as long as you own your boat. Call John at  985-789-5598

Interview about Safe Floor and how it can enhance your boats’ deck

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Safe Floor of LA can revitalize your boats deck and make it like new again

Safe Floor went out to Belle Chasse this morning and did a duck boat for Capt. Austin Plaisance of LA Redfish Outfitters and owner of B& B Tackle. His boat was pretty new, except that the vinyl deck he installed less than two years ago, was already coming up and causing problems. We took care of that this morning and he’s really satisfied. He’ll never have to concern himself with that again either, because Safe Floor is guaranteed for as long as you own your boat. If you have a new or used boat and want to install a slip resistant floor that also reduces heat, glare and noise, give us a call at Safe Floor of Louisiana. Our service is 100% mobile, so we come to you. Call for a free estimate at 985-789-5598

Safe Floor of LA can revitalize your boat and make it safer

If you have a brand new boat or a fixer upper, consider a permanent option for your boats’ deck – Safe Floor of LA. This product will revitalize your deck, make it safer, quieter, cooler and more attractive. Why repaint every other year or add a vinyl liner that will deteriorate in a short period of time? Invest in Safe Floor one time and you’re done. By the way, it’s probably much less expensive than you imagined, especially considering it’s GUARANTEED for as long as you own your boat. The product is made of granulated rubber, available in just about any color, mixed with a proprietary epoxy, then hand laid on your deck. The process takes one day to apply, then one day to cure. After that you’re good to go. Call us for a free estimate. 985-789-5598   By the way, our service is 100% mobile, so we come to you!!!

Safe Floor of LA does boat surfaces

if you are interested in a slip resistant, noise and heat reducing option for your deck, please consider Safe Floor of LA. This is a granulated rubber material, chemically bonded to the surface of your boat. It is available in almost color and is guaranteed for as long as you own your boat. It can be pressure washed and easily cleans with a little bleach and water. Safe Floor of LA will come to your location to install the floor and most jobs take less than one day. Please call us today for a free estimate. 985-789-5598  www.safefloorla.com

Mike Lanes catches snapper

Just a quick video of Mike Lane reeling in a nice snapper this past summer

Congrats Mike Lane on Rodnreel 2!!

Mike, I know you’ve worked long and hard to get this new version of the website up and running. It looks great and I hope this works out well for you and all your subscribers.