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Team Last Stall fishing Report for Thursday 10/13/2016.

Fishing Report for Thursday 10/13/2016. The Captain and his uncle made a trip down to Hopedale for a day of fishing. No good signs and very light boat traffic heading “down da road.” Got a call at the time we were supposed to meet in Chalmette and learned that my uncle had overslept and was going to be an hour late – oh well, so much for getting an early start… When he finally arrived at the BSM we picked up some live and dead shrimp and pointed the boat towards the Biloxi marsh for a day of fishing. Hit all my favorite fall and winter spots and nothing, nada, not even a nibble. I think we need one or two more cold fronts to move down for it to turn on. At 11:30 am we decided to head to the barn and call it a day when we decided to stop at a spot that has saved many of trips – the MRGO dam. We were a little reluctant to even stop with the tugboats and barges anchored up on it. Dropped the patented “dam” anchor and it went berserk! We had anchored right over a school of Bull Reds. It was incredible – every time the line went down and you flipped the bail a red had already latched on the shrimp. It was one after another. These reds were aggressive too. They were straightening hooks and popping 20 pound PowerPro like we were fishing with Donald Duck Zebco’s! We probably caught over 40 to get our limit. Two black drum and one 18” speck also joined the party during the frenzy. For a trip that I thought we were going to get skunked on it turned out to be an incredible trip. It was a great day! Till next time… Team Last Stall