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Deep holes, shallow results

Returned to Lakeshore Estates on Monday afternoon without any stale bread. Today’s snack du-jour was the always palate pleasing cheddar pretzels Combos. Launched at Salty Bridge and ran the crab float gauntlet. Soaked in the sight of “Green Gold” and smelled up the stench of a bonfire built of plastic, rubber, & creosote. Passed the gulls squatting on rocks, and made my way into rich folks’ ditches. Stiff breeze, incoming movement, more clouds than sun, dull & drab water with about 18″ visibility. Jigging 1/4 oz plastics is bout all I did. Paddle tails got the commits, straight tails got the nips. A green one & a purple one won the color battle. Short & skinny was the flavor of specks today. Twice as many throwbacks, and not a keeper over 15 inches. One 18 inch silver red joined the box on my way back to truck. Another grand time yakking Lady P. Poor catch results for me, but luckily I don’t have many friends to feed. It is my belief that there were more down below than what my skills were able to fool. I must return to the water soon, practice more, and get better at fooling em…..gee, what a chore 😂 Tight lines, dripping paddles, and creaking pedals to all…..brah

Stale bread, slaps, & serenity brah

Friday afternoon was my last fishing trip of the year. From a catching standpoint, 2016 came to an end with a fizzle instead of a bang. No worries though, yakking Lady P never fails me in the soul-lebration department. Insides were full of uuuhs & aaahs and as always I can’t wait till next trip! Thursday night drinks and Friday morning temps had me in no rush whatsoever. A flash in my clouded mind signaled that Lakeshore Estates is where I shall go. I have very little experience up in there, but memories of a boat ride to the area with Catchin’Capt Buddy would point me in the right direction. Sloth speed prepping & loading ensued, with on board snacks last on the list. These items are important cause trust me muscle cramps and dehydration are no fun when yakking brah. Loaf in da fridge was stale as hell, but my PB&Js were made with high hopes that once all ingredients were placed inside a magic-bake oven (aka, my hull) then mythical chemical reactions would change the bread to the taste & texture of a fresh off the line loaf of Bunny Plantation! Well, that didn’t pan out at all. Sandwiches were eaten on the water, and their purpose was served. Unloaded at Salt Bayou bridge launch just before noon. Three guys were chicken stringing for crabs and having a blast doing so. Water moving out pretty good. Using only my rudder, I had a one-against-none yak shalom race using crab floats as the flags. It was a photo finish, but I won the race!!! Passed the massive “Green Gold” and marveled at her golden aged beauty. Thought about what amazing sights she’s seen over the decades, and wished I could hear some of her stories. Eased past some of my fin eating feathered friends who were laid up on the rocks. Knew it was a bad sign but didn’t care, floating Lady P life already good so far. Started slinging lures in eastofmrgo’s favorite intersection. Third cast yielded a tap, and I smiled. By cast 20 I had two 14 inchers in my bag, and I was excited. Reckon it was around cast 50 without so much as even a peck, when I concluded that it’s not gonna be as easy as I first thought. Constantly moved around, covered a ton of new to me area, noted & saved many come back to one day floor anomalies, finder was blank for the most part. Each of my last 3 of 5 legal specks were caught one at a time in their all alone own spot. Monotony was broken by startling breaches of the fattest of gars I’ve seen in awhile. Passed about five other boats. All were friendly talkers catching about the same as me. Largest creel I heard was 6 aboard a party barge that increased their catching efficiency by trolling 4 lines. Water was green & gorgeous with a good three foot visibility. Tasted the slightest bit of salt. Breezy start, no wind end. Water moving out while I caught my only keepers. Finder operating properly was confirmed by me not seeing a single loon in any of the canals I visited. Tight lined softies in various shapes & colors. H&H plumtruese paddle caught 4, SW Assassin opening night straight tail caught 1. Finally started marking small groups of fishes while making my trek out of there. Steady barrage of short striking slaps no matter what I threw to the new marks. Two lucky bullseye pops & a belly hooking revealed that it was 8-10 inchers moving in. I continued to move on out. Re-entry into the Lake revealed a splendid winter early sun downing. Aaahhh…. anchor-less sitting at the mouth of Salt Bayou with the crab boats coming in to unload their haul. Pole down, feet up, soaking up the view while eating my second stale bread smmamwich. Yakking Lady P Life was good brah, real good. Truck loaded up just after 4pm. Chatted with the still jovial chicken stringers. Opened their cube chest and saw it was full of beautiful #1s with the brightest of blue claws! Cool chaps they were, I imagine their boil will be just as much fun as their string fest was. Drove home fully satisfied with 2016’s fishing finale. Stopped and bought a new loaf of bread. Tight lines, dripping paddles, and creaking pedals to all… brah


Technically I wasn’t part of THE pack, but I was part of the pack out at the tracks today brah. Accepted an invite for a boat ride, so the yak stayed home and my pants stayed dry. We didn’t do any trolling, but our hands still got slimed. Started very late and ended pretty soon, and now have 20 things to make dat grease pop. All kinds of makes & sizes of crafts out there today, that was pretty fun to see. Watched someone try to use a cajun anchor, that was a little funny to me. Saw a couple of fog rainbows, that was real cool. Watched a loon eat a needle fish today, that was the coolest of all!! Speaking of loons, anyone else enjoy a close up staring into their red eye? I sure do. Talked to just about every line soaker we passed. Lots of smiles, jokes, and advice were freely exchanged by most all. Spotted someone famous, so I grabbed the camera and took some action shots. Tried to introduce myself but got shunned, I guess there’s no room in his pack for clowns. HaHa just kidding Pack & Dwayne, i could tell yall were in da zone 😉 The camera got reversed on me for a change, and for the shot I pretended to not enjoy fishing from a dry & stable craft. LOL Tight lines, gassed motors, & charged batteries to all…. brah

The Armada’s Dingy

Yeah brah, I misspelled ‘dinghy’ on purpose. Those that know me will understand 😉 Two things the world doesn’t need to keep on rotating follows below: 1- another clown on an Internet forum, and 2- another trestles report Plopped atop Red Rocket this morning & headed down the tracks along with everybody & their third cousin who also didn’t have to work today. Conditions were just like you’ve read already (thanks Buddy & JoJo for saving me the thumbstrokes from writing such things). Ended up being more uncomfortable than I thought I’d be, mist and condensation kept me wet & chilly whole time out there. Jigged, popped, bounced, & reeled soft plastics today. Piddled around, near, and away from both bridges. At some point I reckon I got a little too close to the Hwy11 side because it prompted a guy in a white truck with a black rack to honk & yell at me “buy a boat fa~~ot!!” from out his window. Didn’t ruin my day, but why are some folks just so damn angry at the world brah? Caught on a few different shapes & colors, but a root beer/yellow tailed Norton sand eel won hardest hits of the day. Specks seemed to be fairly scattered today, and often (for me anyway at the tracks) that means they’ll be keyed in on only one type presentation. Not today though, played around with how I be ‘dangling my thang’ in all kinds of different ways and caught on most all of em. Such things keep me pondering, and keep me going out again & again! Loons, gulls, & pelicans seemed to be enjoying themselves today and I had a grand time watching them myself. Seems as though the Lake is still pretty well stocked with shrimp. Lost my bump board today while snapping pics when it fell behind me and sunk like Hillary’s dream. How thin light plastic could disappear so quickly perplexed me. Losing it bothered me more than that white truck guy. Tourney freebie it was, had it for over 2 years and many a trout had been darted while laying atop it. Oh well, to Amazon I’ll go I guess. Tagged & released 15 fat Pontch-Polka-Dotties. Kept 4 smaller ones for fresh din-dins. Freezer full enough, out of tags, bite tailed off some, so I left. Won’t be able to fish till after Xmas, so today’s success will make my lapse a wee bit harder. No worries though, it’ll just make my return to the water that much better brah! Tight lines, dripping paddles, and creaking pedals to all

Tears for Tags :(

Say brah, did ya hear the Tag Louisiana program has been canceled? I did, and the news saddens me so. Darn-it cute scientist girls in green pants, why ya gotta break this yakker’s heart like that? I’ve had great joy taking part in the program for 3+ years, learned from it, and will miss it. Bummed I was to read the news, but instead of spray painting monuments or joining a conspiracy theorist Internet forum…..I WENT FISHING!!! Very late morning arrival to da Rigga Marina Thursday, almost noon actually. Chilly & a little breezy, but both those conditions changed for the better as the day went on. Water was pretty cloudy in most places, but I was okay with its tint. A few boats were too close to some of the spots where I caught last. Didn’t wanna give any free passes on secrets away 😉 so started with some other go-tos I skipped last time. Finder was marking plenty bait, but nothing underneath them. First hour was pretty slow but as more boats left than came, bite picked up quite nicely. Aside from a spinner in the grassy shallows, soft plastics on jig head was what I tossed. All bass caught on the spinner, other 3 species all took to a variety of shapes, sizes, & colors of softies. Straight tails in natural colors were bit the hardest by specks. Specks passing through in different depths were keyed in on different retrieves. The 4 foot runners only wanted a fast & super erratic twitching. Those at 8 foot only touched something still on the bottom. At 12 feet a current guided only free fall was what they desired. Ended up being a gorgeous afternoon out on the water. Found & released 4 bass & 2 rats. Tagged & released 17 specks. Kept 2 flounders & 3 specks. Very much enjoyed experimenting with different lures & techniques attempting to learn the science of specks. The why behind the whats & hows I haven’t learned, so I’m gonna have to get out there and study a little more real soon! Tight lines, dripping paddles, and creaking pedals to all… brah ☺

Rigolets Yakking

I got a RodnReel, but no motor brah. Not sure if unguided (or in my case…misguided) yakkers are allowed on here, but here I am 😆 I float atop “Da Red Rocket”, been banned from another site for picking on a basser, chase Northshore specks every month of the year, passionate about tagging & releasing more than I keep, and a 3-peat champion of last place in the STAR tourney. Some say I’m a dumb arse but my momma says I’m a smart arse, and I choose to heed her words over others 😉 Arrived at Rigolets Marina just before 10am Friday. The lot was packed, but the circus show was over so I avoided the same ol one liners from fancy boat hecklers about my juggernaut’s capabilities. Overcast and cool with a 10+ wind turning it to nippy right away. Quick dry footed launch, and my pursuit of polka-dotties began. Found gorgeous water in a number of places, green & salty with 4 foot visibility. Happy I was, and as long as moving water was there as well then so were the specks. Bite was excellent, coming in waves as the trout cruised in & out. Drains, submerged grass, flats, & drop-offs with the above mentioned conditions is where I tossed my arties. Started with soft plastics, but the only commitment I got with them was on the free fall off of ledges. After watching specks follow & tail nip all the way to the yak, I switched to hard baits only. Suspenders, shallow divers, and toppers…anything that could be twitched & stopped. The trout now committed, and tons of fun I had! Vast majority of hits came while bait was on the still. Family’s freezer needed filling so I kept 23 polka-dotties 14-18 inches. Released just as many specks under & over that length, along with 2 rats and Linus’s great pumpkin Charlie Brown. Big sow of the day measured 24″. She got fooled on a topper, and her hit sounded like a pistol going off. My time with her was certainly the most fun I’ve had this year. It’s doubtful that even the Scuttlebutt X-mas party will top that fun brah 😆 Super fantastico day of thrills ended at the once again empty launch around 3pm. Looking forward to yakking dem fishes again real soon. Freezer should be good for the holidays, so I’ll be back to tagging all fins next time out. Except for flounders who never get released on account of momma’s words. See, I told ya I always listen to what momma says 😉 Tight lines, dripping paddles, and creaking pedals to all…brah