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Bad Day

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    By creatify on March 2, 2006

    The locks were opened today @ bayou bievenue for sure, however the barge is in a position where they could close it off at any time. If you’re going thru, make sure you have enough petrol in case you have to go down to the violet canals to access the Dykes canal to get back inside.

    Started out in the ‘PEN’ but got shut out so we started the travelin’.

    Fished all over lake BORNE
    starting at Martellos (sp) Castle and working our way along the bank back toward bayou bievenue. Missed the opening and wound up cutting thru to the MRGO from bayou THOMAS way the heck down there.

    Water was beautimous, and the weather was simply perfect, but the fish weren’t cooperative at all.

    Caught a couple o’ flounderson bottom, one nice sheepshead, and one trout.

    Everyone we saw catching anything was throwin’ em back as they were too small.

    Still better than going to work.

    Called in WELL today: Told my boss I felt too GOOD to come to work.


    Didn’t see any debri inside LAKE BORNE or the MRGO. There are a few overturned boats in the bayou tho, otherwise pretty clear puttin’.

    Wear that PFD and hook up that kill switch.

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