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    By Oneofthepack on December 15, 2018


    After yesterday’s trip, me not sure me wanted to be back on the water, but me believe a missed fishing trip adds another day to your life, so me called Big PJ to see if he wanted to temp the weather & fishing gods today, yesum was his answer, so go we do.


    • Made a run to Metairie (Buddy Poboy) Friday evening picked up gallon of potato salad for party tonight, also picked up 2 quarts (1) for Big Andrew & one for Big PJ, it be the best potato salad in town.
    • Up early, (5 AM) Loveofthepack up early too, she heading out for the Oldman River marathon run, we both where greeted with a strong wind blowing when we stuck our heads out to check the weather, she looked at me , me looked at her, me think we both thinking the same thing lets go back to bed.
    • No wildlife sightings along Hwy 11 or 90
    • Boast all over the Hwy, boat launches, Ed’s place, Bayou Bienvenue and Gulf Outlet all already had boast lined up to launch.
    • We number 4 in line wanting to launch, m backed up the rig, jumped in the boat, Big PJ backed Bay Flat Jr into the water and me backed her off the trailer, like clockwork it all went well.
    • Nobody in our spot #BB3 our honey hole, we motored over there to start our day, long 1 minute ride to honey hole.


    • Perfect
    • W.N wind 8-10 mph
    • Cloudy overcast day
    • Cool to cold temps, even with jump suite on the wind and cold was getting to me
    • Water level down 6-8”
    • Water temp stat at 53 than to 54F
    • Tide appeared to be falling
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 6 plus
    • Boats all over the place, had (4) fishing The Pen all morning
    • AT spot # BB2 the Pelicans, Camagrants, and seagulls where diving all over the place, 50 to 75 birds, they looked like dive bombers diving on their targets, it was a beautiful sight to see.
    • Bird activity was all over The Pen, bait on top of the water striking, minnows swim along the shoreline, mother nature and the wildlife was a live with activity, me was humbled to be a live and part of this moment in life


    • Be safe
    • Have fun
    • Put some run time on Bay Flat Jr. and Yamaha Nightmare Machine
    • *11 pulls to start the Yamaha Machine, she getting better
    • This be me daily therapy for ALL me aliments
    • Gather Intel for future trips, and to share with fisherperson, (on rodnreel.com) to help assist them in their choice of areas to fish, lures to use and presentation of same to the elusive Silverwonders.
    • See if the Redworries where still round and wanted to come out and play
    • Fish / find a spot with the wind was diminished a little from hitting us
    • Fish / find clean water
    • Find a spot # with the seven fundamentals / criteria of catching:         


    • WIND AT YOUR BACK: (We fished a cross wind today, right to left, but with the Redworries feel is not everything, cause when they hit it, they hit it and you know you had / have a bite.)
    • MOVING WATER: (Me think we had a falling tide, as everything in the water was going from right to left)
    • WATER CALRITY: (No problem with this criteria, water was a 6 plus)
    • HOLDING FISH: (#BB 3 (18)r,  BB#A (6)r)
    • PATIENTS: ( It was on, on, on from first cast, action lasted about 28 minutes, than they shut down completely, if you missed that window of opportunity you would have swear they was no fish in The Pen. Patients was needed from =when we fished BB3 and the time spent between getting to BB3A, very slow period with no action.)
    • SKILL: (Technique / presentation of lure today, it was like playing Russian roulette, if you let your lure go down to far, the bottom would get you, but if you had is just of the bottom, the Redworrier would get you)
    • LUCK: (By the time we got on the water 6:45 AM they had about 8-10 boats already launched, no one being in spot # BB3 was our luck for the day.)
    • Anchor up cast & retrieve slowly along the bottom, with a twitch every now and then, tight lining…………………………………??????ALL FISH CUAGHT THIS WAY
    • Oak River Troll (ORT)………………..NOTHING
    • Reverse Oak River Troll (RORT) ………..DID NTO TRY
    • Oak River Skim (ORS) ……………DID NOT TRY
    • Cork ……..NOTHING
    • Lake P Troll (LPT)…………….N/A
    • Dead bait………NONE
    • Live bait…………………NONE

    ·      LURE DU JOURE:

    • 3” H&H Purple Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head with gold hook…………….98% CAUGHT WITH THIS LURE
    • 3” Chartreuse Glow Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook………….DID NOT TRY
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook……………NOTHING
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 3/8 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 1/2 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with 3/4 oz. round lead head …………NOTHIN
    • Marker 54 hard plastic shrimp……….. DID NOT TRY


    Spot # BB# 16r, BB2, 1, 4, 3A (6) r.


    • Lived to fish another day
    • (0) Silverwonders
    • (24) Redworries, 20 Ratreds
    • (4) Bottoms
    • (4) Popped lines
    • Called Big T-doc, he and his crew had 16 Redworries by 7:45, (spot # 21) down in our Disney World known as Delacroix Island. They went all the way out to Four Horse looking for the MIA Silverwodners, but nothing could be found, not even a bite.
    • Short &sweet trip, with a lot of action, and a short boat ride.
    • Picking up the Bay Flat Jr was a lot easier today than it was yesterday out of Lake P by Tites.
    • Spending the morning on the water with one of the best fisherperson me know, Big PJ that be.
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.


    Let’s just say Big PJ somewhat better Silverwonder fisherperson than he is a Redworrier fisherperson.


    Still no Silverwonders for us, Redworries easy to find, get early starts, fish early bite, and come home when the bites are over.


    Fishing is a long lesson in humility

    O & A:

    Where does the toe tag go on a dead fish?

    TEAM JO-JO’S future stratagem:

    • Monday big Dwayne & Oneofthepack will be out & about Delacroix way.
    • Tuesday Big Andre & Oneofthepack fishing with Big Mike Gallo
    • Wednesday open day

    Hope to see all you fisherperson out and about, until then:

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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