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beautiful bievenue trip,,, at least until the end

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    By joeynavis1@gmail.com on December 13, 2018

    had a very nice trip to the wall on  tuesday,,, was able to put put out there,,,, my girl gets a bit nervous when we go “faster than a snails pace,,, and i wanted her to have a good experiEnce,,, so we wen..slow slow.  got to the number one spot,,,,, went out there with just twenty or so live swimps.   no bites for the first half hour or so,,,, then the thievery began,,,, lost a few swimps to someone under water,,,, finally i hooked one,,,,, a sixteen incher,,,,,,  then another,,,, same size,,,, caught a couple of short reds,,, felt them shaking their heads on the way in.  then we hooked one that felt a bit bigger than the others,,,, asked for the net and rocky did great with that,,,, scooped up a 21 inch trout.  nice fillets!!!  next came the biggest fish of the day,,,,, big red.  made at least five runs,,,, he would see the boat and go,,,, and my hands and arms were cramping from the medicine i take for my ticker,,,,, my fingers weren’t working so good,,,, but rocky”s were and we managed to get him to the boat after talking him into a nice cool bath in crisco lake.

    we called it a day as the sun was going down and we were down to our last six swimps,,,, amazingly,,,, on the way in,,, i remarded to roxanne that we wouldn’t be getting lost,,,, but that most accidents happened near the boat launch.   when we pujlled into the back down,,, rox put one foot on the wharf,,, then hesitated,,,, and wound up falling into the water.  she had on my very large cabela’s coat,,,, fortunately i had insisted that she put on my life jacket which i recently acquired.  it was under the coat.  the water is quite deep at the end of the wALKway,,, well over her head,,,, she could not touch bottom and she was being weighed down by the water in the coat and on her jeans and shoes.  i jumped out of the boat and two fellas came running and we managed to haul her up like sack of potatoes.  it reALLy was quite scary.  i could quite easily have lost my baby.  managed to get her into the truck and warmed up a bit.  tried to lose my boat,,,, didn’t hook up the cable that holds the boat on the trailer,,, so had to back back down and put it on correctly.  but that was the least of our problems,,, quite an adventurous day.  waited until the next day to clean fish.  rock wasn’t up for pics that day,,,, pictures from the following day.  thank god for her help in such a situation.

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