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Big Blake Q&A

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    By Oneofthepack on April 22, 2018

    Just got back from Vages, had an email from Big Blake questioning how to fish with lures, see below for Q&A.



    Mr. Stanley

    I really enjoy ready your post on rodnreel and watching you on youtube. Wondering if I pick your brain for a min. I fish Delacroix whenever I can but I only seem to catch specks on is popping cork. I’ve tried fishing the bottom several time with no success. What are some things to look for this time of year.  Points, cuts, deep holes, etc? Is it better to swim the bait or keep contact with the bottom? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Blake






    See Team Jo-Jo’s attach fishing package, maps, spot numbers, narratives, and other fishing Intel / info.


    As for fishing with lures (no corks) me is going to put a video together to explain how we do it, should have it on rodnreel.com next week.


    Me always fish tight line, which means contact with the bottom most of the time if not all of the time.


    Various tight line presentations.


    *             First off less is best, tie lure directly, (no swivel, snap, leader, etc. etc.) to your line.

    *             All ways try to have the wind at your back

    *             Technique / presentations


    *             6 foot rod medium / light action spinning rod, $80 to $90 range rod

    *             Penn Battle II BTLII1000 reel spooled with 6 # power pro, (use a mono leader no swivel splice together) me like to use mono for lures 10# Big Game green line

    *             1/4 oz. H&H round white had with good hook

    *             Lures to try 3″ H&H purple beetle, 3″ H&H chartreuse glow beetle, and the Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, see video on rodnreel.com no how to string lure on head

    *             Rod positon at a 45 * angel from centerline of your body, weather rod up, at your side, or down below your waste.


    *Type presentations:


    *             BOUNCE IT: Throw, (45* or more)  up current let go to bottom, slow retrieve along bottom, little twitch, bounce, (move lure maybe 2-4” toward you)  along bottom, (lure will be moving in 2 directions, toward you and the current will have it going right to left at the same time) twitch , reel in slack, (keeping in contact with your lure)  twitch, reel in slack, just keep repeating this rhythm, all you are looking for is a real light tap, set the hook, and / or if your line goes slack, fish may have picked it up and is running toward you reel in slack set hook.

    *             DOUBLE BOUONCE IT: Same as above but with a little double twitch with each rhythm

    *             DRAG & BOUNCE: Throw 45 * up current. Let lure got to bottom, now just drag, (raise your rod from 45* to 90*) your lure along the bottom 12-16” end with a single or double twitch.

    *             FREE FALL BOTTOM SEQUENCE: Throw up current in a 45* up current or more, let lure go to bottom, now a more aggressive bounce, jerking your rod straight up, causing the lure to come of bottom 12-14”, let it fall back to bottom, let sit there repeat this rhythm.

    *             FREE FALL WATER COLUMN SEQUENCE: Same as bottom sequence except you don’t let lure go to bottom, start you presentation at any depth of the column of water, example if you fishing in 9 feet of water, Silverwonders may be at 6 feet, and try to use this technique at that depth.

    *             STEADY REEL IN TECHNIQUE: Not me favorite, but can be very productive at times, just throw out have a steady reel in, pause, give a little twitch or two while you are reeling in, with this technique, keep you rod parallel to the surface and on a 45 * angle from centerline of your body, once again you are looking for a tap, it will be a very noticeable tap. Fish all the length of the column of the water 12” to bottom the Silverwodners could / can be at any depth.

    * Locations:


    • UP DROP OFFS: Position boat on shallow side of drop off, fish the whole arch (i.e. tide left to right direction) throw up current (left)  along shore  line let lure run / work to amidships, work that area all the way back to the boat, then throw amidships and work lure up drop off all the way back to boat. The area where the current meets the drop off is where most of your hits will take place, just retrieve lure along that area and be ready.
    • DOWN DROP OFFS: Position boat on deep side of drop off, throw on to drop off (shallow side) use same technique / presentation as fishing shallow side.
    • FISHING CUTS: All ways positon your boat downstream side of cut, positon boat to fish up drop off, then try down drop off.
    • FISHING CURRENT LINES: (Me favorite) usually you will see this at a point, but sometimes you will see it just along the shore line, positon boat to fish up drop off, then position boat fish down drop off.
    • FISHING A CURRENT COMING DIRECTLY AT YOU: You can fish same type presentations, BUT!!!!! Lure speed comes into play, you will have to reel in and adjust your speed / pause to allow the lure to hit the bottom and KEEP UP WITH CURRENT, reel in steady to keep in contact with your lure. With this condition you want your lure to glide just along the bottom, feeling it so very slightly
    • STRIKE ZONE: Once you have located the strike zone, try to maximize your time in the zone, (i.e. if Silverwodners are in the amidships to bow of the boat zone , don’t throw all the way up to stern and fish the hold arch, stay in the strike. ONE BIG!!!!! mistake don’t throw to the strike zone, throw out in front of it and let current run lure to strike zone, just narrow down on how much you throw-out in front of it to keep you in the strike zone as long as possible and fast as you can.
    • STRIKE ZONE MISTAKE: Trying to anchor up on the strike zone, great idea but mostly hard to do, if you can positon the boat and duplicate the lure action, speed, location, presentation you may have some success, but me have found it is hard to do, but we do it sometimes.



    *Boat Position:


    • Me feel this be the most important criteria for catching, finding the correct angle to the Silverwonders, and matching that up with your presentation. Not unusual for me to anchor 2-3 times before me happy with location, 2 – 4 feet can make a BIG difference.
    • Me like keeping boat parallel to shore line, up against shore line, (shallow side of drop off) and when on the deep side of a drop off parallel to shore line, we use two Cajun anchors, (bow anchor always up stream and stern anchor always downstream) to keep us in position and steady, (not swinging back and forth) and with the two anchors we can get any angle we want.
    • Startle drop off and / or fish middle of canal, with current in our face, we will drop 2 Cajun anchors out one in shallow side and one in deep side, positon boat right over drop off, fish up current (current directly in your face ) technique  / presentation.
    • Boat being parallel to the area you fishing allows all in boat to fish and land the fish the entire length of the boat, (not having to fish / land fish over the motor) and fisherperson can fish the entire length of the boat too, bow, stern, and middle fisherperson.


    Based on all above, rather than run around looking for them, learn the spot you like try each and every approach, technique / presentation in that spot, before you run around. Each change would be like fishing a new spot, and you will be learning more and more about that spot.


    Team Jo-Jo suggest the only way to learn / and emulate the various techniques / presentations listed above and various combinations of them, is to jump on board the Bay Flat Sr for a trip or two, by that time you should be well verse in techniques, presentations and the Oak River Troll, just let us know when you ready to go.


    Hope this helps.


    Me posted this on RNR, me just thought others may enjoy reading the Q&A, it may help with their quest of catching the elusive Silverwonders.


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack




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