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    By creatify on July 8, 2012

    i’ve been marlin fishing since 1992 and
    i’ve never observed an act of courage
    and heroism as i did this weekend. on
    tenacious, out of fourchon , we were
    into a one hour plus fight with about a
    five hundred lb blue marlin, as we had
    it to the side of the boat, trying to
    tag it, it lurched under the boat and
    the line got caught in the running
    gear. desperate to try to free it,
    numerous attempts failed. with the fish
    still on, about 25 yards behind the
    boat, regular tenacious crew member,
    gene geiling, made a critical, and
    brave decision. he jumped in, with no
    mask or fins, and went under to free
    the line.

    with the lit up fish face to face with
    him from 20 yards away, he unwound what
    was 2 raps of the line from around the
    port rudder, and the fight to catch
    this fish was on again as me and the
    captain, kevin higgins, urgently gather
    ed gene up through the transom door.

    he was safe. minutes later, this fish
    was tagged.

    gene, you’re a heroic SOB.

    love you man. !!!!!!!

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