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Bull Reds from The Rigolets to Cocodrie What a Blast to Catch

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    By Wanda Stewart on August 24, 2018

    I went down to Cocodrie for a few days to scout out the area for a tournament coming up and a friend offered to show me around and do some fishing in the area. One thing is for sure the locals were extremely pleasant and offered a vast knowledge on all subject matters, from fishing to historical sites. The food was awesome and the ambiance of their passion for fishing almost matched mine.

    I fished with Captain Ronnie Lisotta


    He put me and Harmony Rowley 

    on some massive bull reds which broke my personal best record of 41 inches. The days were hot but the catching was fun, so much so I tolerated the extreme heat with  Adrenaline. Still waiting on a good trout bite, but you gotta go to know. If you want to promote your business with me and RodnReel.com give me a call. 985-276-0287

    I guarantee you traffic and results! Fish On!



    Life is a Journey, Keep Fishing!
    August 8, 2018 | No Comments
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    Peter’s Nets Fishing Adventures, LLC
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