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Buras – Joshua’s Marina – Saturday 11/25/2017

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    By Fish Network on November 26, 2017

    Got a call from a fishing buddy.  He asks if I can make a trip to Buras, Louisiana. “Sure thing” says I.  Meet at Joshua’s Marina for 8:30am.

    We trying to give trout time to warm up as temperature 46 degrees early Saturday morning.


    • We had not wait in line for launch all boats already in water
    • Flag on pole hanging down limp – No Wind
    • No problem with knats this day
    • Tried a few oyster reefs
    • 1st trout in the boat, but nothing after that
    • Moved to a few more oyster reefs – 1 more trout
    • No birds in the area – me think no shrimp in the area
    • Water was clear as an aquarium – you could see clear down to bottom.
    • We moved and tried several reefs, but were unable to locate any trout.
    • We used plastic when fishing for trout
    • No other boats in the area, they know something we don’t

    Off to try our luck with REDS.

    • We used live cacahoes for the reds
    • 4 reds for the day
    • Reds put up a good fight
    • Reds were caught in shallow water along the shorelines


    Beautiful day on the water.

    No wind until later in the day.

    Called it a day, wanted to go watch the Alabama vs Auburn game, then LSU vs Texas A&M.



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