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Cane Bayou Mini Cajun Sleigh Ride 5 26 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on May 27, 2017

    Wanted to possibly fish entire length of Cane and possibly enter the Lake to try for tackle-busting reds but the predicted strong S winds made the Lake pretty much unfishable,at least from a Chapman pirogue!!Did toss Spro frog for a few minutes,few takers but no solid hook ups,switched to Speed Worms and hooked 3 bass,released two and one self-released and I took mini Cajun Sleigh Ride,most likely compliments of big alligator(plenty of big ones in Cane right now).When the beast grabbed Zoom Speed Worm,I could tell it had a toothy mouth and I really was not too interested in fighting this in-identified beast to clearly id him and thankfully,it let go and when I retrieved my lure,the stout Owner EWG hook had significant bend to it!On way back to Cane launch,tossed Speed Worm to base of cypress tree where I suspected nice lunker bass might lurk but was surprised at size of ornery choupique that inhaled worm and I was able to snap pic of big choupique!!Headed East to Main Street in Lacombe,where I saw Lacombe Fire Dept using Bayou Lacombe to flush out their Fire Truck(neat sight).Lots of fishers out there and no one seemed to have any luck,neither did I.Managed to get it lots of aerobic exercise and casting practice.Happy Memorial Day and hope to fish mid-week!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.








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