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Capt. Charlie Thomason

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    By creatify on February 28, 2006

    Capt. Charlie Thomason here and speckled trout were the throws of the day.  Today Lenny Tavolin from Hinton AC/Heating traveled down to Hopedale for the fast trout action we have been on.  Lenny has been fishing with me for years and they are some of the luckiest anglers around, and they can fish pretty good too!!  Well, we stopped at the same spot that I have been fishing for the past week and we pulled up to 7 boats fishing this one small lake?  That’s right it’s Mardi Gras and the kids are out of school, well all of the boats were catching fish just like us one after the other!

    Big Lenny, Little Lenny, Kenny and Quinton started fishing and didn’t stop until 100 trout were in the boat.  Most of our trout today came under a cork at about 1.5ft with a Saltwater Assassin Chartruese Diamond curltail on a 1/4oz jighead.  The fish today were a little smaller with most fish in the 13-16inch range with a few 18-21 inchers in the mix.  

    After we finished our limit around 11:00am we hit Lakes Amadee, Ameeda and Hopedale Lagoon and caught fish drifting in all of them.  I’m guessing we caught and released another 60 fish to live for another day.

    If you are looking to book trips from now until the fall I urge you to call ASAP because we will be booking up soon and we still have some great moon phase “Big Female” dates open!!


    No hidden charges—We supply everything but your food and drinks.  Live Bait, Gas, Rods, Reels, Ice and Artificials are there for your use!!!

    Call Today!!!!

    Capt. Charlie Thomason



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