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Capt. Jody Donewar

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    By Capt. Jody Donewar on November 28, 2018


    Yesterday evening I got in a nice shooting house here at Rock Hill Hunting Club.

    It was over looking a beautiful green field with two lanes planted in wheat.

    At 4:30 pm two bucks and a doe made their way out in the plot to my left.

    The bigger buck kept going back into the woods not presenting me with a shot.

    Finally the big buck stepped out of the woods giving me a neck shot.

    I took the shot with my Tikka 308 and he hit the ground.

    This is the second deer I have taken in two weeks as I took a doe last week along with two hogs.

    Plenty Deer, Turkey and Hogs here at Rock Hill Hunting Club.

    Capt. Jody






    Capt. Jody Donewar
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