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Capt Josh Howard

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    By creatify on February 12, 2006

    In response to POP:

    The reason that commercial boats do not fish the lump anymore is this:

    The Midnight Lump has always held scores of tuna during the winter, according to Brent Ballay’s brother Capt. Brandon Ballay, but until recently, commercial fishermen have dominated it. ”You’d see as many as 60 to 70 commercial boats out there 10 or 11 years ago, but now you might see a dozen,” Brandon says. Many came from as far away as Texas or Florida to take the then-highly-profitable yellowfin. But as prices steadily declined throughout the ’90s, the out-of-state crowds thinned. ”They don’t get the [high] price for tuna anymore, so a lot of them have moved on to other things,” Brandon notes. As the commercial fishermen depart, recreational anglers take their place.

    OK, so I done a little research, lol! I thought it was a good topic!

    Capt Josh Howard

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