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    By creatify on February 18, 2006

    Fun day fishing yesterday!!!!!!!!! I have not posted in a while. Between fishing, fixing my dock, running the dump truck and roofing, I have been very busy. I have had some good days and a few bad ones. Caught any where between 1 and 100 fish for the trips. Been averaging 30-50 in January and February. On the very slow day they wanted to give me more money then I wanted to take. We fished very hard. Some days they just don’t bite. Yesterday had the pleasure of fishing with Donald Wood Jr. his sister Sarah and Kerry.  We went in Capt Rory’s boat as I am still in the process of getting a boat together to fish out of. It is just as well. At this point we still have no gas in shell beach and Hopedale. They have diesel but no gas. Barry and Glen are doing a great job at Hopedale in every way they can. Mr. Blackie is going to be selling gas out of shell beach ASAP. The bugs were so bad at the dock we went straight out into the sound. Had some fog so we could not see very far. The first cement platform made it through the storm. Some of the rigs at little central made. All of central looked the same. The water was very dirty going out. It cleaned up a little bit once we got out. You could see 1 foot depth. We fished dead shrimp on the bottom catching 15 reds that we could keep, 14 heads and 2-puppy drum. Most of the reds were 25,26 inch fish. Real pretty fish. Wecaught ourm limit of big reds 27-19inch range. Got back to the marina the state bird the gnats were unbelievable. Donald’s white suv was black with bugs. Barry, I am going to bring you guys a fan and a double plug to go with the electricity that you guys are supplying so anglers can clean their fish and not be eaten up while doing so. Its on me. Thanks again for the help with the poles and reels. Speaking of reels everyone knows that I had been fishing with a well-known brand for a long time. The drags and bearings were wearing out  to often. I am talking 4-6 weeks. I had been giving okuma reels a try for 6 months before the storm. Never had a problem with any of them. They took a licking and kept on ticking. Have switched over to okuma reels and marsh master rods. Have spoke to a few guides that fish with them for 2 years and never had a problem. Of course I don’t know if their charters catch as many fish as mine. I am going to put a nice trailer at the beach for the summer to accommodate the over nights. Should have the dock straight in the next few weeks and be ready to fish. Anyone need any help on my end are want to book a charter in my boat or yours give me a call 504-887-4960 cell 504 881-9966.

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