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Captain Troy Wetzel

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    By creatify on February 26, 2006

    Last week we got in a good solid five days of fishing.  On the 16th of February we caught all big yellows–one 168lb. and two at about 150 lb.  It was extremely rough that day.  We followed up on Friday Feb. 17, but we got skunked for the first time this year.  We didn’t do anything wrong that day.  The water was cold and blue and the seas were slick and calm;however, not a tuna was brought back to the dock.  I call myself Capt. Troy Wetzel the Fish Finder and my crew did not take it easy on me that day.  They asked “Is the Fish Finder BROKEN Capt.?”  In response, I’d like to say that Capt. Troy is human also. I don’t know why, but on a Fri., Sat. or Sun. when there are 60 boats in the water and the water is cold and blue with no seas, I think those yellow fin know it and are no where to be found.  The good thing about that is THEY LIVE TO DIE ANOTHER DAY!  The best 2 days of fishing are always yesterday and tomorrow!  See ya back at the lump on the 27th.  Capt. Troy Wetzel The Fish Finder

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