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Casting of a different quest

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    By Oneofthepack on August 5, 2017



    Loveofthepack & Oneofthepack just watched the movie Armed Response, had to rent it from On Demand.


    GranddaughterofOneofthepack, (Burgan Elizabeth Luther (11)) in her first movie and is in 5-6 scenes, talks in two of the scenes.


    • Scene (1) in body bag she pops up in freezer
    • Scene (2) in locker
    • Scene (3) she fighting trying to get to her papa
    • Scene (4) she gets to her papa, and she is shot
    • Scene (5) at the end of the movie, she appears and says something in Arabic to Ann Hatch


    In the cast of charters, she is Young Girl, as they role the credits at the end of the movie.


    We all excited to have a movie star in our mist please watch the movie.


    Big Burgan is an excellent fisherperson too, she entertains all of us on our fishing & crabbing trips.


    Good Acting


    Loveofthepack & Oneofthepack

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