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Chance meet up

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    By Oneofthepack on December 7, 2017

    Me had a lunch date at Southside restaurant with Big John C, wanted the conversation to last so me invited Big Andrew to join us. Meanwhile Big Al called and said he was in Slidell area and would like to pick up his lures, so me invited him to our abode to join us for some coffee.


    Me don’t think we could have plan this meet up, it just came together, it was a very interesting and memorable meeting / conversation of life stories, family stories, fishing stores, boat stories, fishing spots, hot spots, numbers on the map, and in the old days how many ice chest of fish you had, not limits, but ice chest.


    We even got to shrimping stories, Lake P, Industrial Canal, Reggio Canal, me think we must have caught  (stories) 50 tons of shrimp and made boo cu money.


    With a combine age of 299 plus years of living / fishing, you can only imagine how many stories we had to tell.


    Big Andrew & Big John C kind of dominated the conversation, but Big Al, and Oneofthepack where happy to just listen.


    After a few conversation, come to find out Big Andrew & Big Al have been knowing each other for the past 25 plus years, me don’t think we can go anywhere without Big Andrew knowing and / or being related to somebody in our conversation, he be oldest of the crew and has a few more years on us, and me guess he been around a lot, he be know lot of people in this world.


    As the stories slowed down, and it was getting close to Big Andrew curfew, (has to be home by 5:30) we started our way to the door, but it was agreed by all that this was a meeting of chance, and  was a moment in our lives, and needs to be repeated over & over, so we agreed to get together now and then to continue our conversation of past, present, and future quest journey of our fishing life, if you would like to join in give us a call, especially if you have some good stories, and / or know and / or related to Big Andrew.


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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