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Cold and Cloudy

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    By eastofmrgo on December 27, 2017

    Two weeks in the planning, trying to work around Family commitments and the weather. Finally decided on today, 12-26-17, chose to fish this side of Lake Borgne to avoid the lousy wind forecast all week. Quick launch at Southside at the Chef about 8:30am , 50 live shrimp, YEP, LIVE SHRIMP, figured I would need all the help I could get to make Joseph(nephew) and Georges( Joseph’s Dad from Texas ) , day a catching day instead of a fishing day. Headed for the WALL and started chunkin live shrimp on ¼ oz round white head, I used lemonhead on ¼ oz head to give them the most opportunities to catch, I am terrible at live bait fishing, I lose more than I catch on. First stop at the corner where the wall and sheet piles meet, only took a few cast to start catching with the shrimp, only caught maybe 6 on plastic. Every time I called ONE MORE CAST , the Samford gang connected. A few boats showed up and cut my movement to a 50 foot span so when the bite slowed we headed for the Michoud slip where we boxed a speck and returned 2 puppy drum to grow to legal size. Light rain and my cold body put and end to the day at 2:07pm .
    Wind NE at 10-15 and cold. Tide incoming all day, Clarity OK, water temp 51 all day.
    Had a great time fishing with new to salt fishermen. Ended with:
    22 specks 12-15”
    1 white 11”
    2 drum 15” returned to the cold depths.

    fish early
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    Friday fishing, 12-22-17
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