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Darrin Foster

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    By creatify on February 28, 2006

    Grand Isle/Fourchon
    Monday I had the privilege to fish with my friend Dallas and his wife. Also his cousin Mark and his wife joined in. They were from Wyoming and had never fished in the Louisiana gulf. The trip started at 3:00am from Baton Rouge. Our Two stops before fishing was fuel and bait. The fuel came easy the bait was another story. Leeville no bait, Fourchon no bait, Grand Isle no bait. I had to settle with some small frozen shrimp. I lunched the boat at Fourchon with the mission to catch anything that bites. I started by cruising to the six mile rigs only to fine 3 to 6 foot seas. (Man, that weather man is good). We stayed out for 1 hour only to catch cat fish. I made the decision to see if Timberlear Island had any action. On the ride in we spotted some big fish jumping. We dropped one of troll baits that was set up on the T-50 BAM a large Bonita. That was fun for a brief moment. We headed to the island nothing, to the marsh nothing, Grand Isle oyster reef nothing, some honey holes north of grand Isle nothing, rock jetties nothing, I tried every place I thought fish would be, nothing. It’s been a long time sense I had a trip like this and I’m sure there will be more. After burning over 150 gallons of gas truck and boat and no fish, I made the wise decision to take a break until April. To Dallas and Mark thanks for fishing with me and Mark needs to make a summer trip so us Louisiana boys can show him how to get the ice dirty.

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