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Day 3 of 4 most challenging day of the 3

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    By Oneofthepack on November 21, 2016

    TEAM JO-JO…………………………….. Day (Saturday) 3 of 4 experiencing the wonders of Delacroix, Big Dave (Yankee) and Oneofthepack had a much needed great night rest at the Sweetwater Inn. Sonofthepack (Big Randy) and his hunterperson friend showed up during the night (4:30 AM ittish). Once again the area had a lot of activity, as the hunterpersons & fisherpersons known as the weekend worries showed up to lose themselves for a day or two down in our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.




    • Me thought me would have to cancel out the weekend after ALL day Friday trip, the sun, wind took its toll on Oneofthepack, through in the beat down , (catching type) that the Yankee gave me fishing with the spinning reel upside down, and it was going to be a close call getting up for a Saturday repeat.
    • After eating a little, drinking plenty water, and a good night’s rest felt like a new 71 year old youngings did me.
    • Twas the night before fishing, we both went to bed not dreaming of sugar plums and candy, but that of Silverwonders & Reds, there was such crash in the room, felt like we swing to the beat of rocky-by-baby, awoke with ease, to see the breeze now blowing from up Santa way, North East 20 -25 MPH. gusting to 30, now we know for sure the water will be dirty.
    • Got up and met Sonofthepack, gave him the him speech to be careful, Little Lake will be very rough going out, me don’t like rough weather while being out and about in the Bay Flat Jr, all 14 feet of her.
    • Decided to let the Yankee sleep in, and just survey the situation before making a commitment to go out.
    • But as I stood and watched boat, after boat, after boat launch, me started to believe and the confidence level got higher and higher with each boat that launched.
    • Then me remembered, (worked hard ALL days during the week, living and making it through only for weekend) how it was to be a weekend worrier. It was not the question, “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW”, it was “YOU GOT TO GO, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER” been their did that for many years, loved every second of it.
    • Time to go, gave the Yankee a kick or two and he up and around, after coffee, and a sandwich, it was real nice to walk across the street, get the poles out of the FORD transporter, jump in the Bay Flat Sr. fire up the Yamaha Dream Machine and speed down the bayou to Little Lake.
    • Once at Little Lake reality set in, had 2.5 to 3 feet waves with white caps, 20-25 mph wind at our back, not bad going across, but knew what it was going to be like coming back, on ward we pushed to spot # 5 to start our day.




    • Perfect
    • N.N.E. wind 20-25 steady with a gust to 30 every now and then
    • Started out a overcast day, front came through, by the time we got out sunny & clear
    • Cool to cold temps, kept jump suite on all day
    • Only saw 1 boat on Oak River, me think the majority of them went 4 Horse lake way, they did not have to cross Little Lake.
    • Water level up 6”
    • Water temp cool
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 1 plus to a 2 minus, did not look good anywhere
    • Tide falling all day, it was like when you in a bath tub, and you pull the plug, it poured out
    • Had a lot of current lines to fish, but the lure traveling at 3-4 mph
    • We did not have to go to know, we knew. But would not just believe our instincts




    • Have fun, this we accomplished
    • Big Dave said as we crossed Little Lake, this makes me feel alive, me think he nailed it on the head the feeling me was having too.
    • Survival mood, make it back safe
    • Give me a chance to sow Big Dave me too can catch, our goal for the day was 2 fish, but me think the only 2 fish we saw for the day, was inside the Bay Flat Sr.
    • Find a spot # with the four fundamentals / criteria of catching:
    1. Wind at your back: (Impossible to find, did managed a close second at 61 & 61 c).
    1. Moving water: (Not a problem, it moving everywhere in every direction.)
    2. Clarity of water: (Impossible to find, the mud along the shoreline was cleaner then the water.
    3. Holding fish: (Fish there, but they not home and/or locked in for the day).
    • Oak River Troll, going 3 MPH hard to catch
    • Cast & Retrieve like P into the wind, kept coming back on you
    • Anchor up, like being in a wind tunnel



    • Live Shrimp and we did not have any




    Spot 14,15,5,7,9,25,24,23,22,21,20,60A,60,61A,B,C,18, stopped fishing around 8:45 AM turn the Bay Flat Sr north for the wet ride of / for our lives back to Sweetwater Inn and their nice warm beds.




    • Lived to fish another day
    • Skunked no fish
    • Got to feel alive
    • Spending the morning with Big Dave expiring the good, bad, and ugly of our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.
    • Got to practice me boatmanship, remind me when me was an Assault Boat Coxswain (L-4) in the USN driving the Mike boats.
    • Big Dave made the offer to ask me to dinner, wanted to know if I knew a good restaurant around here, yes says me, will introduce to the famous Rocky & Carlos of Chalmette.
    • But when we reached the dock all me could think about was the red beans & rice Loveofthepack made for us, had to heat some up put a spoon or two of mayo on top and eat away, to get the chill off me.
    • Clean up a little off to Rocky’s, had my favorite fried chicken & fries, Big Dave had bake chicken, gumbo, salad, and onion rings, we shared the onion rings. Now me full, need a nap.
    • To close out the evening, Big Dave bought 3 pounds of shrimp, (4) softshell crabs, so when Sonofthepack and Nicole made it back in (dark) we had a seafood feast of fired food, and fires, great eating by all.
    • Best fishing trip f my life, until the next one.




    Had to be Big Pablo & his crew Big Adrian, they had 12 Silverwonders, fishing with live shrimp, they passed us around 8 Am in Oak River we at spot 60, me think that is where he was going. Me waited a few minutes and called him, Big Pablo says yes Capt Fink, me says we need 3 more to limit our, you might want to come over here. Silence……..just kidding says I, Big Pablo says they to try one more spot and call it a day. Asked that he call me and let me know when he going in, 10 minutes latter phone rings he on his way in. Now for Big Pablo to call it a day, IT REALLY has to be one hell of a bad day, those that fish with Big Pablo know what of me type.


    Big Randy & Nicole, had a lot of action hunting (2) boxes of shells and a limit of ducks, me think they caught 1 Silverwonder, and 1 red. They stayed out late waiting for the wind to die down a little before they tried to cross Little Lake.


    Spoke to a few fisherpersons, seems catching was not the word for the day.





    Nothing better than fresh seafood




    It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.


    Day 5 of 5 coming up, stay tune, until then:


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack


    Took a few pictures Big Dave looking back, rough water at Spot # 60, this is the closet we could get out of the wind. And a dad and is buddy crabbing, they found a nice spot in Oak River & Orange bayou to enjoy their day.


    Have a question, if you bring someone hunting with you (i.e. girlfriend to experience the outing and not hunt) have one gun in the boat, does she need hunting licenses, duck stamp??????????

    Lake P or Delacroix decisions / decisions!!!!
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