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    By creatify on February 24, 2006

    Headed down on Thursday to Hopedale with the Big Legend.  Pouring Rain when we arrived at BSM, but it quit at about 7:30 and we headed out.  First stop, first cast…trout on, second cast-  same thing-Keeper trout.  Third cast-  keeper.  Looked like it would be a quick day-  but then the really small trout invaded the area.  Some as small as 8 inches or so.  We tried to venture deep into the marsh, but the water got dirtier the further back we went.  By 9am, the wind was howling so we decided to head back to the original area and sift through the smallies to put a box together. We worked hard until about noon and had 20 keepers in the box.  Constant action kept us interested, and all in all it was a fun day on the water.  Can’t wait to get out to the rigs for some spring /summer trout.

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