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Delacroix journey / history data

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    By Oneofthepack on September 1, 2018


    Loveoftheapck & Oneofthepack made the run down to Delacroix to check out the Bay Flat Sr, and run the Yamaha Dream Machine, as it has been while since me had her out and about down in our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.

    Check pint Abel, canal at junction water level up

    Check point Bravo, moving waster at Reggio canal

    Home of the Bay Flat Sr, water level just below dock 1-2”

    Ran the Yamaha Dream Machine for about 15 minutes, she started right up with ho hesitation about her.

    Made a stop at Big Earl’s camp, but he out fishing, hung around for a few minutes, Big Betty came out and talk to us, asked if we wanted to stay and wait, told her we had to get going.

    Drove down to Lionel’s, there be Big Earl gassing up, coming in from a morning trip, they had 10-12 Silverwodners, they ran all over . They have been catching nice Silverwodners outside, and in quantities at that.

    Gave Loveofthepack the your of the live bait tanks at Lionel’s. They loaded with nice life shrimp, all 3 tanks, and ready for all you fisherpersons.

    We continued our journey down the road, me going Loveoftheapck the grand tour as we road down, and their it was, “THE END OF THE WORLD” sign says it so.

    Checked me diary for the September action for the past five years, comments as follows:

    2103 Silverwonders showed up late in September
    2014 September slow a few Silverwonders
    2015 September, perch fishing on fire, Silverwonders real late September they showed up
    2016 September perch fishing hot, no Silverwonders
    2017 September perch fishing hot, no Silverwonders

    2013 Silverwonders on, on, on,
    2014 Silverwodners on, on, on
    2015 Silverwonders average 30 -40 each trip
    2016 Silverwonders late Oct average 40 – 50 each trip
    2017 Silverwonders slow, only had (1) late trip with 56t

    Come on fall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me thing about making a run tomorrow, need some encouragement.

    Good Fishing
    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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