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Delacroix Silverwonders

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    By Oneofthepack on January 27, 2019

    Team Jo-Jo

    A few couple of R&R guest have question us as to when we think the Silverwodners will show up, the last few couple years the pattern as me see it has changed, catches have been moving later and later in the year, with the last 3-4 years similar to 2018 February diary below. I take on that is up north freezes, Mississippi drops, river water stops flowing at Mardi Gras pass, and water changes, (clarity / salt) throughout the Delacroix for the good, and the Silverwodners show up, but a little farther out then me normally fish, i.e. east for the spider canal out toward Four Horse.

    Team Jo-Jo diary from 2018 for the month of February as follows:

    Date:     Spot #’s on the map: Silverwonders:

    2/8/18   Lake P                                 Zip

    2/9/18   17-C                                     (22) T

    2/12/18 Delacroix                           (30) R

    2/15/18 17-C                                    5) T

    2-20-18 Carr Dr.                               6) B

    2/24/18 5 & 17C                              (28) T    @ 5(2) T / 17C (26) T

    2-26-18 17-C                                     12) T

    Looking forward to February 2019 fishing, just don’t know where me be fishing at.

    March 2018, ((9) trips (338) T caught) will be the month for the true tell of the status (2019) Silverwonders and that of the catching Silverwonders down Delacroix way. Last year we were forced to travel farther out to unknown areas to catch the Silverwodners. Will post the spot numbers we fished in March 2018 when March 2019 comes around.

    April and into mid-May, (2018) were also great months, ((27) trips (1,097 T) for catching in 2018, all be it in & around Four Horse / Twin Pipeline areas, areas of which me don’t normally fish.

    These next few months may define, confirm, and / or suggest what our Disney World known as Delacroix Island may have, and / or has developed into as far as saltwater fishing / catching of the Silverwonders in that area.

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

    Comments Welcome please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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