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    By creatify on February 23, 2006

    In Response to the Uncle Vic comments.

    I agree too…UV, you should write a book before all of this gets lost amigo. What with all of your years down there and PE and the NOBGC gettin smashed and all…someone really should record this history…with photos(everyone would chip in I am sure). Things have will change down at the pass. And memories will get lost(or at least muddled by the skooch)…..what with you havin CRS disease and all…better get in print! Sign me up for one of the first editions…..remarqued, of course.

    Gone to Costa Rica for the Los Suenos tourney next week….Report with pics on return.

    Also, Kudos also to Capt. Ben Fairey and crew of Necessity for their rescue last week. Ben, you are a class act and look forward to fishing “family day” with you this August again.

    I think the quote was something about “venturing out on to the sea in SHIPS”…..not small botes.

    Tite Lines Ya’ll, be safe….

    And PS – Peace, saw the pics of the new 30…..killer lookin boat, cant wait to get the flo’ bloody…..One question though…..u didnt order the “Yeller” hull color….did u?

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