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    By creatify on February 27, 2006

    Really enjoying the tales of old outboard motors. I bought a used Martin 75 out of the classified. It was a 7.5hp made by the Martin Pressure Cooker Co. I couldn’t get it started and the only place that would work on it was a small shop near Al Scarramuzza’s on north Broad.But parts had to be ordered from a place on Decatur St. in the Quarter. I was working on Jeff. Hwy. and would run to the Quarter on my lunch hour,pick up the parts, and drop them off at the shop on my way back to work. Finally the Friday arrived when it was ready.It started in the tank like a charm.Next morning at 3AM I picked up my father-in-law and headed to Blackie’s. He put the Martin on the back of one of his skiff’s and I pulled,and pulled until I had blisters on both hands.To say I was -issed is an understatement.I yanked it off the skiff ,threw it in the trunk and headed home. I’m not sure what became of that motor but I suspect it probably be worth more now than it ever was.

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