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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on March 25, 2018

    This was a DOD type of trip.  Lucy called in sick for this trip at the last minute, turned solo.  Hanging out early in Lake John, flat tide, and the wind direction WSW was the drizzling ____.  Tried everything, anchor/ORT/RORT/drift, even when I got on a few they would do the head wiggle and spit it out on the way in, soft bites all morning.  I hung in there by targeting and catching some hardheads to keep me in the game.  Tried targeting all the swishing red tails that were around, no takers.  Had one last idea to try and set up on a small deep hole exposed to the wind.  Bam, 20 inch hog, Bam, 20 inch hog.  The howling wind blows me off course, and I cannot get re-set again, gale force in effect.  I forgot to say my secret prayer, won’t let that happen again.


    What hit the boat:

    2 Silverwonder Hogs

    8 Hardheads

    3 crabs

    2 shells

    14 crushing wakes by speeding @ssholes

    6 bushels of grass


    Good fishing everybody.

    Don’s Outdoor Debacles
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    1. Oneofthepack on March 26, 2018 @ 1:34 AM

      Welcome to RNR, keep the reports coming

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