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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on July 20, 2018

    West wind, plenty of heat, day off, … what to do.  Go fishing.  Me and Ray hooked up for a lazy Delacroix trip.  Up early, defrosted bait ready, we ready.  Almost seems like its more hot before the sun comes up, sweating profusely before I made it out the slip at 6am.  Decent partial clouds most of the morning.  Had a big batch of diving birds feeding around orange bayou, under them was all the instant biting croakers and hardheads you could handle before tiring of that.  Made a little move, caught a few small reds, and fed the croakers and hardheads some more.  Bait ran out, red button looming, and we out.  Nice simple trip out to feel some bites, run the boat and back home all cleaned up by noon.  Come on Fall!


    What hit the boat:

    5 little Reds  (1 right at 16″, but we not on a big keeping trip)

    33 Croakers

    17 Hardheads

    3 Ladyfish


    Don’s Outdoor Debacles
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