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Don”s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on September 14, 2018

    Between ducking the heat, work, silverwonder transition, and Lucy, fishing trips with catching fish been hard to come by.  Me and Lucy slightly late start today, in the 4 Horse Lake area fishing holes for 7:45, and the heat already making itself known.  Shrimp boat dragging all morning from 4 Horse to Lake John bayous, and I could see why, bait everywhere, silverwonders not so much, as I kind of figured.  Never seen them drag that close in before.  Switched up to plan B, which is quite unusual for me, as normally all I have is one plan and a prayer.  Water was up a bit which made some skinny ponds a bit easier to navigate, and that was the ticket to a decent bite.  The red button made many appearances, which chased us away from biting fish.  Lucy had a rough day, the heat did a number on her, she’ll be back, … I think.  Definitely the best trip I’ve had until the next one.


    What hit the boat:

    3 Red keepers (4 small reds)

    8 Hardheads

    8 Crabs

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