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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on October 19, 2018

    Why not sneak a Friday trip in.  Nice little pack of about 8 boats had the same idea as we all took off towards 4 Horse Lake area at sunrise.  3 times in a row we on time, definitely a record.  These cooler temps are helping.  If it not broken too much, keep working with it, and that’s exactly what we did.  Worked some points in 4 Horse, and had steady action, mostly crabs and small reds.  Mixed in was my first silverwonder for the season, I pulled it up and gave it a little kiss, and then it was all ice from there.  We move to 51R, catch a few nice reds, with the biggest one always coming last to top off the trip.  I appreciate the excellent timing, if they keep this up, I’m going to have to stop talking bad about what some of these fish been doin to me.  I’m ready to go right now, so another trip cannot be too far away.


    What hit the boat:

    4 Redfish (22 throwbacks)

    10 Crabs

    2 Hardheads

    1 Silverwonder

    1 Drum

    1 Sheepshead

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