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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on November 21, 2018

    Been going out here and there, and its been mostly uneventful with 1/2 suicidal fish a trip.  Today was going to be a bit of the same as far as I was concerned out by 4 Horse and all that dirty water, but my slip mate owner Charlie saved me from myself and I followed him trying to learn a new route.  Sweet little route, its going to take a bit more time for me to navigate like that.  He had a few friends down, still took the time to show me around and let me fish with them.  Nice group, we all yucked it up and fished hard.  Kept picking away at them around Pt Fienne, and by noon we had a five person limit of reds.  Good fishing, good company, it was good.

    What hit the boats:

    25 Redfish (only about 5 throwbacks)

    2 Bass

    1 Sheepshead

    1 Sail Catfish

    1 Hardhead

    2 bushels of grass

    Don’s Outdoor Debacles
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