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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on November 24, 2018

    Back out, me/Lucy today.  Water is finally up a bit in Delacroix.  Felt like 2 trips in one.  Trip one we searched for trout around 4 Horse/Round Lake and such.  Found some decent water and the tide/current was ripping, but one bite all morning and a skunking was on.  Afternoon Trip two seemed like a good time to switch to red targeting.  The water finally came up enough for me to comfortably slide back into my favorite 2 foot deep red pond.  And that saved the day, as 10 nice ones climbed aboard, and one other big one provided a show.

    What hit the boat:

    10 Redfish (4 throwbacks and 1 release)

    0 Everything else


    Don”s Outdoor Debacles
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