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Don’s Outdoor Debacles

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    By don4u2c on December 16, 2018

    Today’s trip was debut of Lucy in her new snowsuit.  She don’t like not catching fish in the cold, so now I have her not catching fish in the warmer.  Cloudy morning had me missing the pipeline, much easier shot for us semi rookies with a little sun.  20 re-oriented minutes later we back on Pt Fienne for some redfish action as most of us Delacroix fisherpersons have given up on trout.  Steady NW wind, just light enough to be fishable.    Water still on low side, not as low as I figured it would be.  It was kind of on, then it wasn’t, then it was for crazy 5 minutes, and then it shut down quick.  Lucy got a good cast in during the crazy 5 minutes and scored.  I took down the rest, it was a good haul for a lazy hazy trip.

    What hit the boat:

    6 Redfish

    1 Sheepshead

    1 Bass (throwback)

    1 Bushel of grass

    Don’s Outdoor Debacles
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    Don’s Outdoor Debacles
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