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    By creatify on December 28, 2009

    Dispite the cold temps , 15-20 mph north wind and hard fallin tide I decided to fish the byu biloxi area anyway. Launched at rigolets at 6am and made my way across Lake Borgne  to a deep canal off Byu biloxi. Tide was rippin thru so hard 1/2oz jig barely held the bottom. Made a move to a wider byu and same problem. Tried poppin cork in some of the bays but the wind had me scootin along so fast just couldn’t get the bite going.Finally stopped in a shallow canal chocked full of reds and what I didn’t catch or lose at the boat, I scared, had reds runnin everywhere. Got tired of the wind and cold and called it a day at 1:08pm. Made the bumpy trip back to the Rigolets with 1 trout and 4reds.

    Pictures for this Report! Skinny water reds

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    Capt. Dennis-Mule Team Charters
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    Capt Moore/ Fish with the King
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